Pearl Abyss details the setting, characters, and development of upcoming MMORPG Crimson Desert

Pearl Abyss has offered a detailed breakdown of recently announced MMORPG Crimson Desert, providing information on the game's development history, storyline, setting, and characters.

Find the overview and images below via Pearl Abyss

Development History

  • The beginnings of Crimson Desert can be traced back to the vast desert that spans across the world of Black Desert.
  • Crimson Desert was born of a desire to tell the story of Black Desert’s past
  • With the exception of a few identifiable in-game homages, Pearl Abyss created entirely new worldviews, religions, and characters unique to the world of Crimson Desert, worthy of a true epic.
  • Crimson Desert is Pearl Abyss’ next flagship title that continues on with the ‘desert’ theme.

Story & Theme

  • Crimson Desert’s subtitle, “A Saga Written in Blood”, encapsulates the epic events that will test our mercenary heroes. Blood will be spilled.
  • The character you see in our key art is Macduff, son of Martinus. He’s the leader of a ragtag band of mercenaries.
  • Macduff is a man in constant turmoil, struggling with the responsibilities of leadership and the survival of those who rely on him. He has a tragic past and no matter how hard he tries, he cannot escape from it.
  • Crimson Desert is a story of growth and resilience. It is a story of mercenaries plagued by hardship and pain, and their endeavors to survive in a hostile world.

Character Development

  • Crimson Desert tells the story of many different characters whose fates are entwined with the main character and his band of mercenaries.
  • Each character has their own unique backgrounds and tales to tell, affecting everything from the decisions they make to the gear they equip.
  • This extends to the lands of Crimson Desert, which are full of other mercenary groups each with their own distinct personalities and inclinations.

Singleplayer & MMORPG content

  • Crimson Desert offers an immersive single-player campaign teeming with engaging quests based on the exploits of many mercenaries you’ll find available for hire.
  • There will also be a vast amount of content based around a more traditional MMORPG format.
  • Here lies a world designed for you to freely enjoy, with carious content at the high levels expected of a next-generation MMORPG.

Villains and Enemies

  • Players will face many dangers in the world of Crimson Desert. A diverse range of creatures, both big and small, threaten your survival.
  • This is a world of mythical creatures who are neither friend nor foe, cruel mercenaries vying for blood, and powerful figures conspiring in the shadows of the royal court.
  • Players won’t be able to let their guard down. To survive these bigger threats, they’ll need to learn to make strategic choices, all brought to life through Pearl Abyss’ unique, action-driven combat system.
  • That being the case, the biggest friend or foe, as in any MMORPG, will be the player right beside you!


  • Revel in a world that is as beautiful as it is dangerous, filled with a cast of fascinating characters, mercenary groups, and others, trapped in a spiral of endless feuds and bloody battles for survival.
  • As is expected of Pearl Abyss games, we’ve created a world full of playable content including trade, exploration, and so much more.
  • Crimson Desert is set to be the ultimate gaming experience, with realistic character representations, rich backgrounds, and action that is thrilling as possible, whether you’re playing on PC or console.
Crimson Desert