Pokemon Global Link announced for Pokemon Black & White

Nintendo has announced Pokemon Global Link - a website that'll let fans step a little bit closer to the widely-shared dreams of a Pokemon MMO by letting players of Pokemon Black and White do trades and other simple tasks through an online portal.

The website will launch in the spring - shortly after Pokemon Black and White themselves launch - and will allow players to sync up their save games to a unique online profile. That profile can then be used to get in contact with and complete certain tasks with other Pokemon Trainers.

While you can't battle on the site, you can keep track of the battle statistics of your friends and rivals and see where you stand not only in the world but also in smaller tournaments - national, regional or even between a group of friends. There will be some stuff to play, though, as Mini Games on the site can be played and performing decently in them will net you items and special Pokemon you can then trade back to your Black and White carts on the DS.

We'll go hands-on with the site and bring you our thoughts as soon as it launches! Pokemon Black & White are out in the first week of March in North America and Europe.

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