Amazon Confirms Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection for Western Release

Online retailer Amazon have confirmed that Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection is to head West by listing a North American version of the game with boxart, a price, English-language screenshots and a vague release window.

The FF4 Complete Collection is a PSP compilation that includes a remastered version of the original Final Fantasy IV as well as the recent sequel The After Years. The After Years was previously released on mobile phones in Japan and then on Nintendo's WiiWare service. This'll be the first time that the sequel is released in a non-episodic format.

The listing also pegs the game at a price of $29.99 for an April 19th 2011 release. This could be a placeholder, but we're willing to bet that the price and date are going to be correct. We've contacted Square Enix USA for comment, and also got in touch with Square Enix Europe to see if they have any plans to localize the title.

The Amazon Listing also reveals a few more facts about the game - as well as boasting that Final Fantasy IV is "consistently rated as one of the Top 50 games ever" and that this version will have a "complete graphical overhaul", the listing reveals some bonus features for this new version.

These include the ability to select ther original SNES soundtrack (though remastered music is included as default), an all-new CGI intro movie and a bunch of CGI movies from previous releases of Final Fantasy IV (PS1, DS). Finally, there's to be a Monster Encyclopedia that gives players info on all of the 300+ enemies in the game.

We've dropped the screenshots and the boxart below, and remember you can see all of the screenshots, artwork and videos of FInal Fantasy IV Complete Collection released so far - including the Japanese ones - in the Media Vault.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Screenshots

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