The 3rd Birthday Has a Release Date

There isn't really anything more to add to the header, but Square-Enix has finally announced that the hotly anticipated The 3rd Birthday, the non-core entry to the Parasite Eve series, will finally be in our grubby hands on March 29th in North America and will retail for $30.

The cut-cost price and very imminent date will be good news for fans of the Parasite Eve games who want to find out what happened to Aya Brea next. The game launched in Japan late last year.

While Square Enix Europe confirmed they'd be shipping the game as a Special "Twisted Edition" today, they didn't confirm a date. We'd expect it to be shortly after the North American release - perhaps on April 1st or very soon after.

We'll bring you a full review of The 3rd Birthday prior to release, but in the meantime remember you can find all the 3rd Birthday Screenshots, Artwork and Trailers over in the Media Vault!