First Dark Souls Screenshots, Artwork Released

The guys over at Namco Bandai have just sent us a gigantic assets package for their newly acquired publishing gig for Dark Souls - the game created by From Software as the spiritual sucessor to the RPG Site RPG of the Year 2009, Demon's Souls.

Following on from the announcement earlier today, Namco Bandai have sent out 15 screenshots, a trailer and around 10 pieces of artwork for everyone to pour over while they wait to hear more about the spiritual sucessor to the cult hit that was Demon's Souls.

As you'd expect, the screenshots show off a lot of armor-clad soldiers getting chased by horrifyingly large creatures that'll undoubtedly leave them splattered on the floor so they have to start over again but at half health and with no Souls and - oh god the flashbacks are starting - just enjoy the screenshots and trailer below, and check out the Artwork over in the Media Vault.

Dark Souls Screenshots