Dungeon Siege III to launch in Europe on May 27th

Square Enix Europe have announced that Dungeon Siege III is set to launch in the UK and Europe on May 27th. In addition to the date, the company also confirmed a Limited Edition of the game and showed off the European Box Art for the first time.

Dungeon Siege III is a joint effort between Developers Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas) and Square Enix, and sees two champions of RPG development from East and West meet for the first time to create this new title. Chris Taylor, the original creator of Dungeon Siege, has also had creative input on this title.

The special edition will come with different cover art and four unlockable in-game items that'll give you a head-start in your adventure. It won't cost any extra, but will only be available to gamers who preorder.

We'll bring you a full review of Dungeon Siege III closer to launch, of course. We're hoping we'll get a chance to go hands-on with the game before launch, too.

Check out the box art for the Limited and Special Edition Box art for the 360 version below, and be sure to check out the box art for the other versions of the game over in the Media Vault. You can also find screenshots, trailers and other artwork from the game over there.