Granblue Fantasy: Versus launches for Steam on March 13

Cygames has announced that Granblue Fantasy: Versus will launch for Steam in a few weeks. The announcement gives a North American date of March 13 and a Japan date of March 14, so it looks to be a worldwide launch on the platform. 

Granblue Fantasy: Versus is also set to launch for PlayStation 4 on March 3 in North America and March 27 in Europe. However, Cygames states that there will be no crossplay between the PlayStation 4 and Steam versions. The Steam version also does not come with codes for the Granblue Fantasy mobile game.


Granblue Fantasy: Versus contains a sidescrolling RPG mode in addition to the 2D fighter (which is why we have covered it on RPG Site). We went hands-on with the English Asian release to take a look at the RPG mode to determine if the game was worth buying solely some sidescroller gameplay.

Update: XSEED has officially announced the PC version with the following content and pricing details.

The PC release will include graphical customization options, support for gamepads as well as keyboard and mouse, both Japanese and English voice options, and text language options including English, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish, with Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Korean being added at a later date. 

Granblue Fantasy: Versus – which is confirmed as one of the main titles of the world’s largest fighting game tournament, Evolution Championship Series (aka EVO) 2020 – will release for PC with two editions. The standard edition will sell for $59.99, while the Granblue Fantasy: Versus “Character Pass Set” which includes the character Color Pack DLC, the Character Pass DLC for 5 characters, plus the Lobby Avatar “Nice-abs Vyrn,” will be available for $79.99.