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Want to change the Fable series? Now's your chance

Fable developer Lionhead have invited fans of the series to pass opinion on what they think of the series and where they think efforts should be concentrated in the future by asking them to fill out an online survey.

Lionhead have done this in the past for previous Fable games, gathering fan suggestions for names and jokes for the games - but now they're looking to see what fans value most about the Fable series - and it's likely this information will be fed back into the development of future titles in the series.

The survey is simple, listing 13 'staple' features of Fable games asking you to rate them from 1 (Least Important) through to 13 (Most Important) - which'll allow Lionhead to see what game features fans like the most. Features listed include interaction with the dog, Hero Customization, simplicity of play and more.

It also asks you what Fable games you have played and which was the one you liked the best. We used this chance to essentially feedback to Lionhead that the series doesn't need any more simplification than it already has.

Head over to Lionhead's official blog to hit up the survey and pass your judgement through this link. We've already sent along our thoughts!

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