Huge TERA Media Vault Overhaul

We haven't talked a lot about TERA since we covered it back in June with my hands-on impressions of the E3 demo, but that's just because not a lot has been mentioned regarding the Western version of the game. You see, since my article was posted, this online title went through the tough South Korean beta stages and was finally released there only in late January. Articles and news reports have been floating around on the official site, but so far, we are still only hearing that the game may or may not be coming out in North America, Europe, and Japan sometime during the middle of this year.

Fortunately, that hasn't stopped American publisher En Masse Entertainment from posting new media for their game, including a wealth of screens and a dozen new trailers to quench the thirsts of you MMO fans out there looking for the next great title. As you can clearly see, developer Bluehole Studios has moved away from the goblins, fairies, and orcs that genre fans are so familiar with, and are instead crafting far more unusual creatures. We also have for you videos of the entire range of character classes featured in the game - as it so happens, I played a High Elf Berserker at E3 and really loved playing as her, for many reasons...

From what I have played so far, this game deserves to be on any MMORPG fan's radar, not only for its great design, but how it really does break from a lot of conventions and strives to radically change the genre. Enjoy, and watch for more information about TERA as we get closer to a hopeful mid-2011 release!

The Exiled Realm of Aborea Screenshots