Xenogears Comes to the American PSN


Not too long ago, we talked about how the ESRB had recently rated a group of RPGs that were expected to be brought shortly to our shores. Sony and Square-Enix have finally made the right decision and give the Americans what the Japanese have been enjoying since way back in June 2008, and that is to give us the venerable Xenogears when it is released on the PSN update for February 22nd for $9.99.

The game tells the story of Fei Fong Wong, a mysterious young man who, three years earlier, was left at the doorstep of a village chief in the small town of Lahan, with no recollection of the events leading up to that day. Through a series of cataclysmic events, Fei and several of the people he meets along the way must journey out to discover what sort of esoteric forces are in control of man's destiny and ultimately his role in that fate.

Xenogears has one of the biggest cult followings of the PlayStation era, not to mention being one of the Top 15 best reviewed games for the console. Famous for its fantastic turn-based Active Time Gauge combo battle system and a deep, complex story with strong philosophical and religious undertones (and a 60+ hour length). On the other hand, it also leaves some people divided on the other features of the game, including the exuberant amount of cutscenes and questionable choices for the second disk.