Watch Radiant Historia Live

Atlus USA is kicking off the celebration for the release of Radiant Historia by playing the first few hours of the game live for the viewing public. Fans will be able to ask the moderators questions about the game, listen to stories of the development process, hear detailed explanations of Radiant Historia's backstory and its time travel mechanics, experience the combat system, enjoy interesting trivia, and much more.

The UStream livecast will be commentated by game editors Scott Strichart and Nich Maragos, who will be joined by QA Lead Richard Rodrigues and "Janitor" Aram Jabbari. The stream will kick off this Friday at 4:00PM PT (you can use this if you need to convert to your time zone) and you can watch it all unfold by visiting the official Atlus UStream channel.

We hope to have a review of the game in due time as we give Radiant Historia a thorough playthrough, but for now, enjoy the stream and let us know what you thought of it!

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