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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Release Date Announcement coming Next Week

It's looking like Deus Ex: Human Revolution will finally get a proper release date at long last this coming week, if a tweet from Game Director Jean-Fran├žois Dugas is to be believed.

When asked by another Twitter user to reveal something interesting about the upcoming Action RPG, Dugas replied "Of course ! The release date will be announced next week! What about that! ;)"

The futuristic RPG which combines shooter and RPG traditions was originally delayed back in December after a disasterous set of financial results for Square Enix saw the company decide that it might be better to hold this particular big title off until the next fiscal year, as 2010/11 was already a wash thanks to the botched launch of Final Fantasy XIV.

Square Enix announced am Augmented Edition of the game for Europe late last year. It'll feature a bunch of extra stuff for fans of the series to drool over. You can find all the screenshots, artwork and trailers of Deux Ex: Human Revolution over in the Media Vault

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