Marvel's Avengers reveals MODOK as its main villain in first War Table stream

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics showcased new footage from Marvel's Avengers in the first “War Table" stream, revealing the main villain as MODOK and showcasing more gameplay footage. 

The stream opened up with a new story trailer that introduced MODOK as the leader of AIM and the main villain of the campaign missions. MODOK hasn't been featured in mainstream Marvel products much, so this is a nice surprise for fans of the huge-headed villain. The stream also showed a Hero Mission featuring gameplay of Thor in civillian clothing. 

Following these trailers was an explanation of the game's progression systems, which allows players to change the moveset, gear and appearance of their heroes. A hub-world was also show with the Avenger's Quinjet, which upgrades as players progress through the game. This was then followed by a trailer for the team-based War Zones missions, which can be played online cooperatively or solo with AI partners. 

The next War Table wasn’t dated, but it’s said to feature an announcement for the first post-launch hero and details about the upcoming beta and launch. You can watch the War Table trailers and see a gallery of images from the stream below. 

June Marvel's Avengers WAR TABLE Stream

Marvel's Avengers: The MODOK Threat Trailer

Marvel's Avengers: Once An Avenger Gameplay Video

Marvel's Avengers: Co-op War Zones Trailer

Marvel's Avengers June War Table