Atmospheric pixel-art action RPG Radio the Universe to release for Steam this winter

Developer sixe has posted an announcement trailer for Radio the Universe, a moody pixel-art action RPG featuring a protagonist wandering in a dystopian abandoned city. The game is planned for a Winter 2020 release on Steam.

Radio the Universe has been a long time coming, being originally Kickstarted around 8 years ago where backers at the time pledged around $80,000 to the project. The game is the work of a single developer and features both pixel-art gameplay as well as animated scenes. 

A trailer, description, and set of screenshots can be found below.

Radio the Universe is a dark, minimalist sojourn through a vast system aeons beyond salvation. A blend of atmospheric exploration and heavy, decisive combat.


  • A visually detailed, thematically varied world.
  • A slow-paced challenge designed to engage you gradually.
  • An ability and weapon progression system for both simple and complex playstyles.
  • A novel pixel art style, rendered by the atmospheric PIXEL2.0 engine.
  • An evocative soundtrack containing both ambient and musical compositions.
Radio the Universe