Tetracast 350: RPG Site Direct

Welcome to the latest edition of the Tetracast, RPG Site's regular, seemingly weekly podcast!

In this news-focused episode, Bryan, Josh, and Chao hold down the fort while James and Adam hang out with the cool kids in Los Angeles. The crew covers what has been announced so far at Summer Game Fest, with a whole lot of details on upcoming games, especially indie titles.

News this week is headlined by a new title for the upcoming Dragon Age game, now Dragon Age: The Veilguard. Metaphor: ReFantazio goes into new details about its bond and archetype systems. We have a date for Persona 3 Reload:  Episode Aigis, and more demos than we know what to do with.

This edition of the Tetracast features Bryan Vitale (@ZeoMassicot), Josh Torres (@HD_Kirin), and Chao Min Wu. You can find links to the full episode of the podcast below along with our RSS feed, and also subscribe to us on iTunes and follow on Spotify!

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  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 3:30 - Keylocker Demo, now coming to Nintendo Switch
  • 7:26 - Tactical Breach Wizards
  • 12:12 - RPG Site Features: Cryptmaster, Nine Sols, Witch on the Holy Night Review
  • 21:38 - Dragon Age: Dreadwolf renamed to Dragon Age: The Veilguard and new info coming June 11
  • 25:05 - Neo-noir turn-based RPG Neon Blood launches Q4 2024 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC
  • 28:38 - Extreme action RPG Tribe Nine reveals first gameplay as it makes its way to Steam and mobile devices
  • 32:27 - Guild Wars 2: Janthir Wilds expansion announced, set to release on August 20
  • 37:26 - New World: Aeternum arrives on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on October 15 with major overhauls, new zone, large-scale PvP, and more
  • 46:31 - Monster Hunter Wilds supports cross-play across PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam when it launches in 2025 worldwide simultaneously
  • 51:19 - Metaphor: ReFantazio takes a deep dive into its Archetype job system and combat mechanics
  • 59:41 - Black Myth: Wukong delays Xbox Series X|S version after it releases for PS5 and PC on August 20
  • 1:02:28 - Kingdom Come: Deliverance II - "Saints and Sinners" trailer and screenshots
  • 1:04:19 - Image & Form shares extended gameplay for SteamWorld Heist II
  • 1:05:38 - Megaton Musashi W: Wired Version 3.1 adds new Rogue mechs, more postgame missions, and eases the barrier of entry to Megaton II difficulty
  • 1:08:36 - Reynatis and NEO: The World Ends With You crossover trailer
  • 1:09:35 - Octopath Traveler now available on PlayStationm Octopath Traveler II now available on Xbox
  • 1:13:09 - S-Game shows new action-packed trailer for Phantom Blade Zero
  • 1:16:42 - Enotria: The Last Song showcases new cinematic trailer at Summer Game Fest
  • 1:19:59 - 'Single-player party-based soulslike' Deathbound gets new overview trailer
  • 1:21:09 - Witch of Oblivion is an open-world sorcerous soulslike coming to Steam Early Access in Spring 2025
  • 1:24:26 - Demonschool unleashes a new Meet the Students trailer showing off more playable characters
  • 1:26:33 - Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire soars above with a Gameplay Trailer highlighting strategic turn-based dogfights
  • 1:29:26 - Mecha strategy RPG Kriegsfront Tactics provides new vertical slice in a separate Prologue demo for free on July 18
  • 1:32:08 - Sidescroller roguelike action RPG Dragon is Dead now available via Steam Early Access
  • 1:34:00 - Studio Pixel Punk pulls back the curtain on an Official Premiere Trailer for Abyss X Zero coming to PC and other unannounced platforms
  • 1:36:31 - Persona 3 Episode Aigis DLC release date set for September 10
  • 1:41:02 - Dungeons of Hinterberg receives public playable PC demo on June 8
  • 1:41:27 - Honkai: Star Rail version 2.3 update ‘Farewell, Penacony’ launches June 19
  • 1:45:10 - Official mod support coming to Baldur's Gate 3 in Patch 7 (September)
  • 1:46:20 - Metal Slug Tactics announces a Fall 2024 release and will also be coming to PlayStation & Xbox platforms
  • 1:47:20 - Wizardry Variants Daphne set to release on October 2024 for mobile devices
  • 1:48:30 - Wrapup and Signoff