Graywalkers - A Kickstarter Strategy RPG promising style and substance


Kickstarter Page
Project By: Dreamlords Digital (DLD)
Goal: $40,000

Angels, demons, arcane magic, dudes wielding street signs - these are just some of the things to find in Graywalkers: Purgatory, a supernatural post-apocalyptic strategy RPG inspired by the likes Fallout, X-Com and Jagged Alliance.

Developer 'Dreamlords Digital' (DLD) is expanding their mobile-centered portfolio and looking to break into developing PC games with this stylish and promising tactical game. They have a playable demo on their page that will do a much better job demonstrating the gameplay systems in place than I could in discussing complex mechanics. Here's a trailer to get a glimpse at what Dreamlords Digital envisions for their title.

In the pre-alpha demo, you are tasked in defeating a demon group with a varied party of range attackers, physical brawlers, and support units. The progression is completely turn-based, and every turn, each character unit has a set pool of 'points' that can be used to perform a variety of abilities, such as movement, attacks, or special techniques.This alone sets Graywalkers apart from many SRPGs that only allow one action per turn. 

The ambitious nature of the project is evident, and even looking around the interface in the demo, there looks to be many elements and subsystems that DLD is actively trying to mesh together in creating the game. Not only gameplay mechanics, but compelling characters, narrative, and fascinating lore also look to be key components to be implemented into the core of Graywalkers: Purgatory.

While it's apparent that the game is early, with missing features and questionable balance, it's also apparent that Graywalkers: Purgatory already has a solid foundation of basic strategic gameplay.



More details of the game can be found on the Kickstarter page. Check it out to learn more about this project and support if you like what you see!

  • A Strategic Turn-based RPG with features inspired by XCom, Fallout, & Jagged Alliance.
  • Play in a dynamic emergent world where your actions actually change the world
  • Find, Recruit and Lead your 36 Graywalkers from over 40+ Playable NPCs: each with their own style, background, abilities and personality
  • Strategically manage your resources, people, technology, and magic
  • As the prophesied leader, unite the lands of Purgatory under your banner and lead the war to reclaim the world for humanity
Graywalkers: Purgatory Screenshots and Artwork
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