Final Fantasy X Review

Final Fantasy X takes place in the world of Spira – a world which revolves around death. Spira is threatened by an evil entity known only as “Sin”, which wreaks havoc on the world of Spira, levels whole towns and cities, and kills many. Spira’s only light are the summoners, who after undertaking a long and dangerous pilgrimage, arrive at the thousand-year-old ruins of Zanarkand, an ancient lost city. Here, they achieve the final summoning, and with it, the only way of defeating Sin.

You play as a guy called Tidus, who is mysteriously teleported via sin from Zanarkand to Spira, one thousand years later. Tidus joins Yuna, a summoner, Wakka, Kimahri and Lulu, Yuna’s Guardians, Rikku, a hyperactive Al Bhed girl, and Auron, a mysterious man whom Tidus had met in his old Zanarkand.

Together, the band aid Yuna on her pilgrimage to attain the final summoning, and defeat sin. However, startling revelations and gut-wrenching plot twists typical of the Final Fantasy series ensue.

One slight drawback on Final Fantasy X is the voice acting. Of note in particular was the direction of the main character, Tidus. Many fans were outraged at Tidus’ annoying, loud, childish, winging and high-pitched voice. Some may remember James Arnold Taylor’s voice as Ratchet from the popular Ratchet and Clank series.

In Final Fantasy X however, Square could have delivered much better English localization, improved by better direction or writing. Everything feels like it’s pushed to an extreme - Tidus’ voice is annoyingly childish, Rikku’s unbearably hyperactive, and Yuna’s is almost too quiet, the voices a caricature of the characters themselves.

The rest of the voice actors do a fairly good job, Auron and Lulu’s voices are particularly well-liked by fans – and with great justice, too.

The graphics, again, are what’s to be expected from Square’s Final Fantasy series. Most definitely a work of art all the way through, Final Fantasy X will stun anyone – especially seeing as it was released so early for the Playstation 2. Not only are the real-time graphics marvelous, the CGI cutscenes are immense. Players are greeted by an example of such awe right from the start of the game, with a stunning CGI scene of Tidus playing Blitzball.

Overall, Final Fantasy X is an experience no RPG gamer should go without. Square’s typical combination of an awesome storyline, great gameplay, superb battle system, easy-to-learn controls, fabulously developed characters, stunning visuals and downright awesome music is enough to enthrall anyone. Every true RPG gamer has played a Final Fantasy title – and it’s to you RPG gamers I speak when I say this:

Go buy.

9 / 10

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