Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King Review

Crystal Chronicles seems to have become something of an experimental house for Square Enix in recent years, with the Nintendo-exclusive brand putting out everything from more traditional RPGs to hack-and-slash action-focused ones and now a strategic, city building RPG in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King.

My Life as a King is the first Square Enix title to hit Nintendo's WiiWare service, a download-only service for Wii games of a smaller stature that wouldn't quite be worth pressing to disc. In spite of this definition Square has pulled out all the stops for this new title - and it resembles a regular retail product far more than you'd expect.

The game puts you into the role of the 'Little King' and gives you control over pretty much everything in your kingdom. You no longer head out and hire monsters - you hire adventurers to do that for you.

The game runs in a real time clock and every day you'll have to make sure that you get all your errands done - and some days this will be a real challenge. Money is received at the start of each new day depending on your performance the day before.

My Life as a King is definitely a fun game, and is absolutely perfect for anyone who is an RPG fan but also enjoys strategy games or ever enjoyed Sim City. It's an interesting mixture of two usually disparate genres - and the result is damn good fun.

We say look past the repetitiveness and even the arguably expensive system of buying DLC content and what you'll find is a very fun, different RPG hybrid that arguably could've been sold for full price on a disc. Pick it up.

8 / 10

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