Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord Review

They say that bad guys have all the fun, and after years of handing players control of the good guys Square Enix has finally decided to present fans with a Final Fantasy title where you take the role of somebody evil - a Darklord.

Well, sort of. You take the role of the inexperienced Mira, the daughter of the antagonist from Square Enix's previous Crystal Chronicles WiiWare effort, My Life as a King. Mira really doesn't know anything about being a Darklord, and is nowhere near as vindictive as Disgaea's Laharl - but she's still quite clearly evil.

She giggles and smiles and clad half in pink looks like a very traditional anime female lead - but in terms of attitude, she couldn't be more different.

Despite the plot links to My Life as a King, My Life as a Darklord couldn't be a more different game. In fact, it plays like more of a tower defense title than a city builder or simulation like its predecessor.

There's one major negative point about this game, though. You get a fair bit of bang for your buck and the full storyline is included for the initial entrance price of 1000 Wii Points. However the game already has almost 5000 Wii Points worth of downloadable content including new levels and buffs to your powers only a week after launch.

In many ways it almost feels like the fiendish difficulty of the game is a deliberate ploy by Square to push you towards buying more DLC which in many cases affords you more NP, better minions and generally makes the game easier.

In spite of this what you get in the initial download is still an interesting, deep experience for the WiiWare platform. It's weaker than its predecessor for a number of reasons, including the DLC situation, slightly more repetitive gameplay and rather drab controls but make no mistake - this is still a very fun game.

7 / 10

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