Pokemon Platinum Review

Looking through the fact sheet of changes from Diamond and Pearl to Platinum, you could get a little letdown. Does a new area, redesigned gyms, and new forms of legendaries really get anyone excited enough to buy the same game again?

Put your hands down fanboys.

Looking back at previous compilation versions of Pokémon you can’t expect too much. Surprising though, Platinum is an experience best played through then talked about. While it doesn’t feel like a wholly new game, it has enough new things and smoothed edges that it’s an enjoyable play through.

Even though Pokémon is a very popular franchise it has long been considered a kids game, with a light peppering of adult themes. With small pushes in each game, the evil team leader gains new levels of depth, but it seems like they have hit a wall.

While intentions are clear on what Cyrus, (the leader of the evil Team Galactic), wants to do with his power, you get a cop out answer as to why; ‘because he is evil’.

It would be interesting to see a discussion on how far they should go in fleshing out characters and how mature Nintendo should make the series. For now though it seems like they are happy with walking up to the cliff and not jumping off.

Anyone who has played any of the games and seen the long running TV show know they cross over a lot. Continuing that trend is the inclusion of the battle frontier. What was once just a battle tower to test your post game skills, is now a collection of buildings testing anything from your contest skills to using generic rental pokémon.

All of this plays into the theme of refinement.

All these additions create an atmosphere where you feel familiar with the game, sometimes a little too much so, but with just enough new to make it feel refreshing. In a series based on baby step evolutions of mechanics, Platinum is a nice fit.

8 / 10

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