Dragon Age: Origins Review

For RPG fans, saving the world from an impending evil just doesn’t cut it anymore. These days players want the choice on which allies to recruit, which techniques to master, and how many sidequests they want to finish in-between the main objective.

In fact, many power-hungry gamers might prefer to create their own empire of evil that rivals the said dark lords', slaughtering peasant and party member alike just to keep up virtual appearances.

When it comes to RPGs with multiple outcomes, one need not look further than BioWare. The critically acclaimed developer has popularized the concept of alternate choices in their monstrously large RPG games from pursuing the path of a Jedi or Sith in Knights of the Old Republic, to battling for good or evil in Jade Empire's fantasy depiction of the east and saving the galaxy as a by-the-books space soldier (or a violently aggressive lesbian, for those kinky customizers) in Mass Effect.

With Dragon Age: Origins, their newest multiplatform effort, players are given more options than ever before to save a massive fantasy world with noble heroism or plague it with unrestrained douchebaggery.

With a huge and expanding world map that will take over 30 hours just to fill a quarter of it, along with a seemingly limitless amount of quests, as well as alternate endings and outcomes depending on your race and decisions, Dragon Age: Origins is well beyond lengthy, and then some.

Yet the balance between dialog and dungeon crawling is much more evenly paced than in BioWare’s previous effort Mass Effect, and the inventory and gameplay is much more streamlined, and thus quicker to pick up and play (yet also requiring commitment and patience to master).

Featuring a ton of content and lots of ways to play through it, Origins is one of the best RPGs released thus far this generation, and is one epic journey that must not be missed.

9 / 10

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