Fallen Earth Review

If you've ever dabbled in the post-apocalyptic genre, be it books, video games or movies, you already know the score - the world as we know it has been decimated, and all of humanity's hard work has been for naught. Little more remains than a barren wasteland. Your mission is simple - Survive.

In a market currently overflowing with orcs and elves, Fallen Earth brings a new approach to a template that is otherwise quite familiar to gamers - post apocalyptic futures aren't exactly rare in this hobby, after all. It's never really been explored in an MMORPG though, and what Fallen Earth does it mostly does well.

It takes an approach to its gameplay that is uniquely inspired by its setting, that of surviving and getting by with what little remains of a world where law and order has all but collapsed, where resources and luxuries are almost non-existent, and it's every man for himself.

Speaking of the players, the game has an extremely friendly community of people that are always able and willing to help, something which is sadly uncommon in most MMOs nowadays. Icarus Studios have done a brilliant job in creating a generous and decent community of players.

At the end of the day, Fallen Earth won't be for everyone. It depends a lot on what you want of out your MMO. I've had a while to enjoy to enjoy the game and it's take on a post-apocalyptic future, and while there are still a few rough edges, the developers have been extremely quick at sorting out any teething issues the game had at launch. Many complaints by earlier reviews on other sites, such as the lack of explaining features or mounts early on in the game, have since been sorted, and the game is constantly being patched and expanded on.

Fallen Earth will not hold your hand like many MMORPGs do nowadays, but considering that you're left to fend for yourself on an Earth that has been utterly devastated by war and corruption, you shouldn't expect it to. It's a dangerous world out there. Are you prepared? It's a pretty decent journey, decaying planet notwithstanding, as long as you're willing to look out for yourself.

8 / 10

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