Final Fantasy XIII-2 Sazh Episode Heads or Tails Review

By far the most significant piece of downloadable content (in terms of actual mass) to grace FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 doesn't come in the form of a coliseum battle or alternate outfit.

As promised, Square Enix has reddied a small episode featuring a character who didn't quite get enough screen time in the sequel. We're talking about Sazh Katzroy. For the small fee of $4.99/400MSP, Sazh: Heads or Tails? can tell you a somewhat different tale, and we've got the final verdict.


Everyone's favorite gun-toting airship pilot is back, this time trapped in the gambler's paradise beyond time known as Serendipity. Rather than fighting battles, Sazh is instead tasked with gathering fortune medals to save his son. These medals are obtained through card games and a single sidequest, following a sort of "achievement" system.

The two new games are Serendipity Poker and Chronoblind, both played with 3 other Serendipity inhabitants. The former is just Texas Hold 'em with a different name. The latter is a bit more complex and original. The game is based around what is essentially a roulette wheel, but with rules closer to the paradox clock mini-game. A card is drawn from the deck which determines the position of the clock hand. Each player will then put down a card to move the hand. The breakdown is pretty simple; high card wins unless the same card as the position of the clock hand is used. There are a few more rules, but that's the gist of it.

In addition to new card games, there is also a sidequest involving Chocolina, the eccentric time travelling merchant. Sazh is tasked with finding some missing chocobo chicks that wander around the casino. Some will run around the area, making them hard to capture. Others will stay put, but in a hidden location. Some will only follow you after certain conditions are met. When all the chocobo chicks are gathered, you will be rewarded with a short cutscene about Chocolina.

While this DLC does open up the card games that had until now been locked, it only makes Serendipity marginally less limited. There is still very little to do and the new games arguably are not worth the price of losing the chocobo races. Chronoblind is indeed an interesting and potentially addictive addition, but that alone barely makes the casino more desirable. The chocobo chick sidequest is the only distraction from the card games. Of course it isn't much of a distraction since it is nothing more than a fetch quest.

Completing the entire episode gives you access to Sazh as a monster ally. Equip him and he'll join Noel and Serah as an Enhancer/Synergist with his Feral Link ability Desperado/Cold Blood ready at hand.

Those hoping that this would turn Serendipity into the next Golden Saucer will be disappointed. With absolutely no indication how many fortune medals are needed, you are likely to feel this DLC is nothing more than a timewaster with insufficient payoff.