Paper Mario: Sticker Star Review

The Mario franchise has its fair share of RPG spinoffs, some of which belong to their own sub-series. One of those sub-series, Paper Mario, has had an interesting presence over the last decade. 

As with Super Paper Mario before it, Paper Mario: Sticker Star sacrifices its traditional roots in favor of innovation. Does this shift pay off?

The soundtrack has that upbeat Mario touch, rearranging some classic themes while adding in new ones. While not on the same level as some of Koji Kondo's work, that's a high bar and the sound team did a fine job.  There are definitely memorable stand out tracks like some of the boss themes.

The distinct papercraft graphics make a strong return, arguably making the game the most beautiful in the series. The 3D effect is taken full advantage of, sometimes displaying a perfect contrast between the 2D character models and the 3D environments. This is most apparent when Paperizing, a feature that was likely inspired by the hardware in the first place.

While it may not have been the true successor to The Thousand Year Door like many fans hoped, Paper Mario: Sticker Star is a fine addition to the RPG spin-off series. Despite some disappointing design choices and a mechanical far cry from past entries, those that can keep an open mind will find a charming adventure with snappy writing and interesting innovations that can't be found anywhere else.

7 / 10

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