Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Space Time Continuum Disorder Video Review

In Darren MacPhail's latest video review, he takes a look at the recently-released follow-up to a well-received indie game released back in 2013 from French development studio Shiro Games.

The original Evoland offered a unique take on the traditional RPG formula by presenting a timeline that went through . Rather than presenting something entirely new for the sake of it, Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Space Time Continuum Disorder is instead, appropriately enough, an evolution of what came before it. Thankfully, this also appears to be set in an entirely different timeline from the original so players won't have to play the first Evoland to get comfortable with the sequel. 

As the subtitle gives away, you play a protagonist who must travel through time in order to save the world. Along the way, he will meet both friends and foes alike that may help or endanger his journey. There is plenty of referential humor found in the story as callbacks for fans of the RPG genre, along with a graphical style that that goes from one console era to the next - 8bit, 16bit, and modern day 3D graphics.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, there is a heavy dose of Zelda influence, the combat is a real highlight here. There is a heavy variety of gameplay styles that will leave fans with an enjoyable experience. Minor gripes about the soundtrack and performance issues aside, this is well worth the look. To learn more, check out Darren;s video review above.