Deus Ex Mankind Divided Video Review

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the latest game in the legendary series. With considerable improvements to gameplay, refined visuals and powerful new augmentations to use; Mankind Divided is seemingly a fantastic sequel. However, a poorly-developed cast of new characters and a story that ends far too abruptly keep this entry from reaching the status of its predecessors (minus Invisible War of course).

Despite the lackluster story, Mankind Divided is a worthwhile addition to the series. Levels are well designed, offering multiple paths to objectives which affords viability and opportunities for every play style. Refinements to the AI behavior, cover system and gunplay also drastically improve the core gameplay experience. 

There may be those disappointed by the lack of Human Revolution's distinct gold/ yellow filter, but the newly implemented Dawn Engine offers superior visuals and graphical fidelity, complimented by great-looking models and lighting. However, the character animation in cut scenes can appear stiff and awkward. The PC version runs relatively smooth and has extensive configuration options, though often struggles to offer a consistent frame rate in the detailed hub city of Prague. Additionally, the game suffers from lengthy loading times, with some taking minutes to load a save or new location.

Despite an overall disappointing story as well as a few technical shortcomings, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is still an easy recommendation to fans of the series and stealth action games in general. Fantastic level design, interesting new augmentations and gameplay improvements will ensure that Mankind Divided will be a game to reinstall upon its mention.