Hades Titan Blood: how to farm and get more Titan Blood for Infernal Arm upgrades

If you want to escape the underworld in Hades you're going to want to make sure you arsenal is as strong as it can possibly be. That's where Titan Blood comes in. 

What is Titan Blood and how to use it 


Titan Blood is a resource that is used to permanently upgrade each of the Infernal Arms. You'll first get some once you defeat one of the furies, where Zagreus will comment that he doesn't know what it's used for. Once you've talked to Achilles it will become clear it can be used for upgrading your weapons. 

Once you've done a certain number of runs and unlocked all of the Infernal Arms Skelly will comment that your weapons have been glowing. This means that they're ready to upgrade with Titan Blood. Equip a weapon and inspect it to see it's upgrade tree.  

You'll see that there are four different aspects that you can upgrade. Each of these aspects will upgrade the Infernal Arm in a different way although one of the aspects will be locked until you reach the final boss with the Eternal Spear and talk to Achilles once more. 

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How to get Titan Blood and farm it


You'll first get Titan Blood when you beat the first boss of the game and you'll get another once you beat the final boss. Each time you beat either of these two bosses with a different weapon you'll be rewarded a Titan Blood so you'll want to at least beat the first boss with all of the Infernal Arms. With six different weapon you'll be able to earn a maximum of 12 Titan Blood from doing this  You'll notice that doing this won't have got you very far on the upgrade tree, so you're definitely going to need more.

The easiest way of getting Titan Blood is to raise the heat of a run. You'll get to do this once having beaten the game for the first time. What you want to do is raise the heat by one each run and you'll be rewarded for beating the final boss with two Titan Blood per increment. Don't raise it by more than one point at a time if you want to maximise your Titan Blood.

Another way of getting Titan Blood is to complete some of the Fated List of Minor Prophecies. Although most of these reward Gems and Darkness, some of them will award you with Titan Blood so they are definitely worth doing. You can also swap one Ambrosia for a Titan Blood at the broker in the Underworld which can be quite reliable with how often you get Ambrosia through runs. 

Arguably the least reliable way of getting Titan Blood is to buy it from Charon's shop during the final section of a run. It's rather expensive for what it is but the option is always there if you're really wanting to upgrade your equipment.