Hades Romances: how to romance Thanatos, Megeara and Dusa

Throughout your quest to escape the underworld in Hades, you'll find that a few of the people you run into will become romance options. The road to romance is a long one but Zagreus deserves love, right? 

The first thing to bare in mind is that due to the random nature of Hades, there are some variables that can't be controlled as precisely as you might like. It may take more time for a character to appear for you than it did for us, for example. The ways to romance characters remain the same but just keep that in mind if you're having some trouble making things happen. There are also no reprecussions for romancing more than one character, which shows a very good understanding of Greek mythology. 

One common element with all of these romances is that you're going to need a lot of Nectar. Check out our guide on how to get more nectar and what it unlocks to get as much as possible. 

Thanatos Romance


Thanatos has a chance to randomly appear in any of your attempts to escape the Underworld. If you run into him, he'll challenge you to see who can defeat the most enemies in a short space of time. This challenge isn't very difficult to complete so when you do you'll be given the chance to give him some Nectar

As with other companions, giving Thanatos nectar for the first time will give you an item, the Pierced Butterfly, and raise your affinity with them. After doign this, Thanatos will appear sporadically in the house of Hades before you start a run. Every individual time you run into him here, gift him a bottle of Nectar to raise your affinity and develop his and Zagreus' relationship. You'll need to give him six bottles before getting to the next step. 

After doing this, you'll need to beat Thanatos once again in his shade-killing competition before being able to give him Ambrosia. Ambrosia is a rare item that can only be used on characters that have established a deeper connection with Zagreus. Think of it as an upgraded Nectar. Giving Thanatos Ambrosia will get you the Companion Mort

Keep giving Thanatos Ambrosia until you reach maximum affinity with him. He'll then appear in your room and you'll get the option to romance him or remain as friends. 

Megeara Romance


You'll run into Megeara for the first time once you reach the end of Tartarus. She'll appear as the first boss in the game you'll need to beat and once you've done that she'll start appearing in the House of Hades. 

From here the process is pretty much the same as it was with Thanatos. Giving her a Nectar for the first time will reward you with the Skull Earring and raise your affinity. Do this five more times and you'll get a piece of dialogue indicating what you need to do next. You'll need to defeat the furies a few times before she talks to you and continues the quest-line. 

After that you'll be able to gift her Ambrosia, unlocking the Companion Battie and continuing your relationship. You'll need to keep gifting her Ambrosia until you reach maximum affinity, whereupon she'll appear in your room and you'll be able to choose whether to romance her or stay as friends. 

Dusa Romance


Yes you read that right, Dusa really is a romance option in Hades. Her romance starts very similarly to the other two as all you need to do is gift her a bottle of Nectar. This will give you the Harpy Feather Duster and start the romance questline. 

Similarly to before you'll need to give Dusa five more bottles of Nectar before being able to continue the quest-line. After doing this, you'll need to complete twelve renovations from the contractor in the House of Hades. You'll specifically need to pick Lounge Flooring and Lounge Sanitation as well as getting a rug. Doing this will allow you to gift Dusa Ambrosia and receive the Companion Fidi item. 

Keep giving Dusa Ambrosia until you reach maximum affinity and you'll unlock a conversation with her in Zagreus' bedroom. Dusa has a particularly interesting ending which I'm choosing not to spoil here but it's definitely worth seeking out. Following this conversation, you'll get the unique opportunity to get all of your Ambrosia back without any consequences, which is a good choice if you're using it on other characters.