Pokemon Sword & Shield Everstone locations & uses

If you're going to get serious about catching 'em all, one of the most useful and important items in Pokemon Sword & Shield is the Everstone. This key item prevents Pokemon from evolving, but also has a key role in Pokemon breeding, which is why it's also featured in our Sword & Shield Breeding Items guide. 

Because it's so useful, the developers of Pokemon haven't made it all that easy to get your hands on an Everstone. It's not something that can be purchased - but there's a handful of guaranteed places to grab Everstones as loot in Sword & Shield and its DLC expansion pass - and then there are also some other methods where you have a chance for an Everstone to drop.

On this page, we explain what the Everstone does, and where to get them... here goes. 


Pokemon Sword & Shield Everstone Location

The Everstone is one of the most useful evolution items, as it can basically be used to prevent evolution but also has a key role in breeding. Basically, in battle, the Everstone will always prevent a Pokemon from evolving even if they level up or fulfill other evolution requirements in battle. 

  • To stop a Pokemon from evolving, just give it the Everstone Item to hold.
  • Meanwhile, in Breeding, if one of the two parents is holding an Everstone, it guarantees that the resulting child Pokemon will inherit that parents' nature. That's important for breeding the best possible Pokemon.

There's a number of locations you can lay hands on an Everstone in Pokemon Sword & Shield. If you have the Expansion Pass, there's even more ways to get your hands on the item. Here's the list of Everstone Locations in the base game

  • In the base game, you can find an Everstone in the town of Turffield. Head there and look for a hidden item on the right-hand side of town. It's on a dead end, hidden against some rocks - just look for the usual hidden item gleam and grab it. This is available from early on, and should be the first Everstone you get.
  • You can also get an Everstone as a reward from the Digging Duo in the Wild Area
  • Finally, there's a small chance for a Pokemon to return from a Pokejob with an Everstone in tow as a reward.

If you have the Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass, you can also find Everstones in these places:

  • On the Isle of Armor, there are two Everstone hidden among rocks on the Challenge Road area of the map.
  • Also on the Isle of Armor, you can also get Everstones from the Cram-o-Matic. This is a random tier-based drop, so it isn't a reliable Cram-o-Matic recipe
  • In The Crown Tundra, you can find an Everstone in the Giant's Foot area, hiding in a corner of the Eastern Ruins.
  • In The Crown Tundra you can also grab an Everstone as a hidden item in the Roaring Sea Caves area.