Yakuza: Like a Dragon - where to get the Premium Sushi Set for the Crawfish Caper Quest

There's plenty of sidequests in the newly role-playing focused Yakuza: Like a Dragon - and they run the gamut from boring to exciting, with basic rewards up to game-changing bonuses. One quest you're going to want to do is the Crawfish Caper quest - which will require you to get your hands on a Crawfish called Nancy and a Premium Sushi Set.

This quest, which is available in Chapter 5, is important for one reason: it'll give you access to Nancy, an extra poundmates summon who you can call to your aid in battle. Nancy is the crawfish the quest is all about - and if you rescue her from being eaten by homeless guy Ebihara, she'll help you for the rest of the game.

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Starting the Crawfish Caper quest & finding the correct Crawfish

As we said above, the Crawfish Caper side quest can be activated from Chapter 5. You'll find the speech bubble icon that signifies the start of this particular sdie quest towards the south-west of the main map, right in the middle of the Sunrise Bridge that crosses the river. You'll notice a Crawfish just chilling on the bridge - interact with it and Ichiban decides to return it to the water... which turns out not to be the wisest idea.

After launching the Crawfish into the river, you learn that it's a homeless guy's beloved pet. So now you need to actually find the Crawfish. Head down the river on the westernmost bit of the map; there's a small pier where you can get down closer to the river, and during this quest, this area is covered in Crawfish.

You enter the first-person investigation mode here, and you'll want to use the triggers to zoom in on each Crawfish, positioning yourself so that you have a clear view of their back. You're looking for a Crawfish with an X on its back - they basically have the PlayStation symbols on their back - square, triangle, circle or cross. There's only one correct Crawfish with an X.

We found Nancy the Crawfish closest to the stairs where you likely entered - the opposite end to the ladder - but it may be that the positioning is somewhat random - we're not sure. Either way, once you have Nancy, return to Ebihara, who is the other side of the river, not far from Nanba's homeless camp where you can store stuff and restore HP and MP.


Where to get a Premium Sushi Set in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

This is where the quest takes a dark turn. As you return Nancy to Ebihara, you learn she wasn't actually a beloved pet - she was actually his dinner! And he's planning to kill her and serve her up right now! Talk to Ebihara and he'll offer to make a deal - he'll spare Nancy's life, but he wants a Premium Sushi Set in return.

To get a Premium Sushi Set, you'll need to head North. Directly north of where you are some way is the Jinnai Service Road. To the right of that road, directly above Jinnai Train station, is a store - the Jinnai Station outlet of Poppo. This is marked on the map and in the menus as Poppo (Jinnai Station), and this store sells the Premium Sushi Set for 2000 Yen.

While there is a Poppo closer to the quest, that one doesn't stock the Premium Sushi Set. Furthermore, as far as we've seen there ar eno obvious enemy drop or loot locations of the premium sushi set - so this is a nice, easy, cost-effective way to complete this quest. Go to Poppo Jinnai Station, buy the Premium Sushi Set, and return to give it to Ebihara. If you're struggling to find the store, remember you can scroll through shops by name on the map screen and route to one that way.

Nancy will be spared, and Ichiban will have a new friend for life. The quest is over, and Nancy joins your quest as a new Poundmates summon!