Yakuza: Like A Dragon Honk-Honk locations - where to find all the Honk-Honk personality trait boosts

If you’re looking for a quick boost to your personality traits in Yakuza: Like A Dragon then look no further than Honk-Honk. If you haven’t guessed what that is yet then we’re not going to help you there, but just trust us when we say it’ll help your journey out. 

In several locations throughout the game there’s a chance that one of 5 Honk-Honk NPC will spawn and allow Ichiban to pay them for their services. Each of them costs a different amount and doing so will restore your health and will provide a boost to a personality trait. This is one of the best ways to raise your personality stats, alongside the school exams and tests.

We list the Honk-Honk locations below, but there's a little more to it than that, regardless. Although the NPC’s will always be found in the same area, the chances of the girls actually being there will be random.

You can keep checking the spots, and they’ll reset every time you interact with something like hopping in a taxi or going into a shop. The easiest way of finding these is to jump between their locations in a taxi and hope that they’ve spawned there. You'll know when you've got the right location because there will always be an item near where they spawn. 

Since there’s no limit to how many times you can get a Honk-Honk, you can feasibly use them to grind out your personality traits. It’s not the fastest way, but if you’re really stuck then you can always keep jumping between them. 

Once you’ve gotten a Honk-Honk from all 5 of the NPC’s, you’ll also unlock the Honk-Honk Hero trophy or achievement as a nice little bonus.

Ijincho Honk Honk locations

Honk-Honk Girl


Location: South of Survive Bar, Bar District

Cost: 10,000 Yen

Personality Trait reward: +10 Passion

Honk Honk Lady


Location: Underground Stairwell near Wette Kitchen, Isezaki Road 

Cost: 50,000 Yen

Personality Trait reward: +10 Passion, Kindness, Charisma

Honk-Honk Man


Location: Backyard of Sunlight Castle, use the Chapter 11 keycard to unlock

Cost: 100,000 Yen

Personality Trait reward: +10 to all stats

Sotenbori Honk Honk location

Honk-Honk Woman


Location: Alleyway near the Shofukucho Taxi spot 

Cost: 50,000 Yen 

Personality Trait reward: +10 Passion, Charisma, Confidence

Kamurocho Honk Honk location

Honk-Honk Princess


Location: Hotel District, near Akaushimaru

Cost: 30,000 Yen 

Personality Trait reward: +10 Style, Charisma, Intellect