Atelier Ryza 2 - Solving the Mystery of the Fairy Statues

One of the best aspects of Atelier Ryza 2, is the sense of exploration and discovery - and that's not just limited to the various Ruins dotting the game world, either. Eagle-eyed players might have spotted some stone Fairy Statues while they've explored the game's many regions, and even noticed that they could rotate them around. Much as you would expect, there's a puzzle to this - but the solution isn't immediately obvious. Originally the clues to this puzzle were found using a decoder included with the games' Japanese LE release, where you could uncover the instructions using an included tool to decipher different messages within the included art-book. While both of these aspects are still present within the western LE for the game - they haven't been translated, leaving things tricky for those that want to solve the puzzle for themselves. Thankfully, we've solved the puzzle for you.

The Stone Fairy Statue Riddle

If you want to take a shot at solving things for yourself, here's the 3 intended messages that you would ideally decode yourself, if they had been translated;

  1. Point the Fairy Statue alongside the road connecting the Capital to the Harbor, East
  2. Point the Fairy Statue by the Cape on the opposing shore of the Lake, North
  3. Point the Fairy Statue past a clearing in the abandoned mine, North

With enough poking around, you can probably find these statues and point them the right way on your own - if you don't want to go through the hassle, here are the locations for the statues in question, pictured below:

Fairy Statue #1 (Capital Outskirts, Highway)


Fairy Statue #2 (Capital Outskirts, Lake)


Fairy Statue #3 (Southern Outskirts, Abandoned Mine)


The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Once you've pointed each of the statues in the right direction, you'll see a short cutscene pointing your direction to a section of the Forest of Beginnings, in the Capital Outskirts. Head there to find that a dormant teleporter has re-awakened.


The Reward

Inside the teleporter is a simple room with a lone Treasure Chest. Open it up to find yourself a new Accessory for your atelier - a picture frame (which Ryza will use to commemorate a photo of her and her friends). Congratulations, you've completed the puzzle!