Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts list & how to unlock every master art

In the world of RPGs, we all love a good super-powerful move to unlock. It's a huge part of the character progression we all love - and alongside other unlocks and upgrades, in Persona 5 Strikers, some of the best abilities and skills you can unlock are known as Master Arts

P5S Master Arts are basically special skills that enhance the battle abilities and capabilities of each character in the game. Each member of Persona 5 Strikers' playable cast has four different Master Arts to unlock. On this page, we're going to list every master art for every character and what they do. Be warned - because this page lists all master arts, it also reveals all playable characters in the game - so consider this your spoiler warning! Turn back now. 

On this page: How to unlock Master Arts and the full Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts list. If you want more help with P5S, consider checking out our full Recipes List & Cooking guide, P5S Persona Compendium, or our comprehensive Prison Mail requests solutions guide.


Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts: how to unlock every master art fast

As previously mentioned, each character in P5S has four different Master Arts. They're all unique, and have been specifically and cleverly designed to lean into the things that character is best at in combat. You can review the various Master Arts in the game by heading into the game's menus, under the stats option in the command menu. The information listed here is similar to on this page, but if you want to see it in game, it's there.

As far as How to Unlock Master Arts goes, the answer is pretty simple: Master Arts are unlocked by simply gaining experience points for each character in Persona 5 Strikers. So, basically, the more you use a character, the more of their Master Arts you'll unlock. All EXP gained goes towards further Master Arts unlocks.

If you want to grind EXP effectively, there's a number of ways you can do this - but, really, it just involves getting into dungeons and fighting. There's no nice easy catch-all shortcut. Remember that a lot of the game's side-quests, known as requests, can be repeated for cash gains, so this is a great way to grind out XP and money a tthe same time - which is very useful, especially when combined with some of the best Bond Skills in P5S that can increase your rewards.

The process of unlocking every single Master Art will nevertheless be a grind - there's nine characters, which means 36 Master Arts in total. It'll take quite a while for you to get them all. Remember that progression such as this carries over into P5S New Game Plus, so you can continue the grind there if you want.

Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts list

Below, you'll find a list of all of the Master Arts in Persona 5 Strikers. It features all characters, so it has playable character spoilers, should you keep scrolling. The list is formatted for PlayStation - so any mention of [Square] button presses should be replaced with your platform's equvalent 'Standard Attack' button - so [Y] on Nintendo Switch, for instance. Likewise, [Triangle] is [X] on Switch, and so on. If unsure on buttons, check in your own menus, but it should be quite self-explanatory.


Joker Master Arts

  • Marked Shot: Perform a follow-up after a [Triangle] or midair [Triangle] gun attack.
  • Wild Rush: Perform an additional Persona attack with [Triangle] after 5x [Square] & 1x [Triangle].
  • Phantom Barrage: [Triangle] attacks won't consume ammo. Press [Triangle] after certain attacks to perform an additional three-shot attack.
  • Dead Shot: While aiming with L1, holding R1 will gradually consume ammo to perform an increasingly powerful shot.

Ryuji Master Arts

  • In My Sights: Perform a follow-up after [Square] [Square] [Triangle]. 
  • Good Measure: [Square][Triangle] slam attack does increased damage. If the attack is charged, Captain Kidd will also attack.
  • Sprinter: Speeds up the charge-up rate of attacks.
  • Rebel Yell: Extends the active time of [Triangle] Toughness and increases the chance of reducing damage.

Morgana Master Arts

  • Animal Instinct: Perform a follow-up after 4x [Square] & 1x [Triangle].
  • Cat's Paw: Enemies are pulled in during the spinning portion of [Square][Triangle], or even with 3x [Square] & 1x [Triangle].
  • Miracle Punch: [Square] [Square] [Triangle] will have a slight chance of becoming a Miracle Punch.
  • Cyclone Charge: While transformed, perform a ram attack that generates a Wind affinity shockwave.

Ann Master Arts

  • No Escape: Perform a follow-up after 5x [Square].
  • Feel the Heat: While [Triangle] Enchant is active, perform a downswing attack by pressing [Triangle] at the end of combo attacks.
  • Crocodile Tears: [Square][Triangle] summons Carmen and casts Tarunda.
  • Wildfire: Panther's Fire affinity attacks do increased damage and have an increased chance of inflicting Burn.

Yusuke Master Arts

  • Gleaming Blade: Perform a follow up after [Square] [Square] [Triangle].
  • High Counter: [Triangle] counters or performing 4x [Square & 1x [Triangle] temporarily increases the number of hits triggered when pressing [Triangle] repeatedly.
  • Legendary Thief: [Square][Triangle] summons Goemon and casts Sukukaja. Press [Triangle] repeatedly to cast Masukukaja instead.
  • Ice Counter: [Triangle] special attacks inflict Freeze. Press [Triangle] repeatedly to increase the chance of Freeze.

Makoto Master Arts

  • Wheelie Rush: Perform a follow-up after [Square] [Square] [Triangle].
  • Phantom Star Rider: [Triangle] Burst strengthens Johanna's [Triangle] special attacks.
  • Fortified Moxy: [Triangle] Burst strengthens melee [Triangle] special attacks.
  • Nuclear Reaction: Triggering a 1 More or follow-up automatically activates Burst.

Haru Master Arts

  • Axe Waltz: Perform a follow-up after 4x [Square].
  • Vertigo Slash: Chance of inflicting Dizzy with [Square][Triangle].
  • Ballroom Blitzer: Increases the range and damage of all gun attacks. While holding [Triangle], ammo will no longer be consumed.
  • Étoile: While holding [Triangle] special attacks, attacks gradually become faster, and you become harder to flinch.

Sophia Master Arts

  • Drive Spinner: Perform a follow-up after 4x [Square] & 1x [Triangle].
  • Data Sync: Performing [Square] or Midair [Square] attacks with good timing will increase attack power by one upgrade level.
  • Blast Processing: [Triangle] special attack is enhanced after a Perfect Catch. While upgraded, press [Triangle] repeatedly after [Square][Triangle] or [Square][Square][Triangle] for more hits. 
  • Mega Blaster: While aiming with L1, hold R1 to fire a gravity bullet. Successfully performing a Perfect Catch will replenish ammo. 

Zenkichi Master Arts

  • Wolf's Maw: While [Triangle] Fury is active, Almighty affinity is applied to all attacks.
  • Master of the Hunt: Increases HP absorption when [Triangle] Fury is not active.
  • Wolf's Howl: While [Triangle] Fury is active, HP consumption is reduced and increases the chance of a Critical.
  • Alpha's Fangs: Perform a follow-up after [Square][Triangle]. Extend [Square][Square][Triangle] by holding [Triangle]. Press [Triangle] repeatedly after [Square][Square][Square][Triangle] for more hits.