Bravely Default II Gambler | how to unlock the gambler class

Bravely Default II is the latest in a string of new RPGs that pay tribute to some of the classics of the genre from the nineties - and like its predecessors, BD2 pays the largest tribute through its intricate job system - including some classes that are completely optional to unlock, like the Gambler.

There's twenty-four jobs in total, and if you want to know more about those, go ahead and hit up our full Bravely Default 2 jobs guide, which has ability lists and all sorts. We've also got some suggestions of the best jobs, subjobs and job combos in BD2, should you need them. On this page, though? We're going to quickly explain how to unlock the gambler job class, which is entirely optional and easy to miss.


How to unlock the Gambler in Bravely Default 2

We do talk a little about the Gambler in our job guide, but since some of you just want to know about that, spoiler-free, we thought we'd break it out into a separate guide page. Here's the rub: you'll be able to unlock the Gambler class a little ways into Chapter 1. Once you reach the point where you unlock the Beastmaster asterisk, you'll be able to nab the side quest that nets you Gambler.

You'll need to be in the town of Savalon, and you'll need to head to the Savalon Gaming Hall that's found on the northern side of the town. Because how else would you unlock gambler than by partaking in a little bit of... gambling? It's all rather obvious, really.

Inside the gaming hall, you'll chat to Shirley to introduce you to Bind and Divide, which is Bravely Default II's optional card game mini-game. This game is no Triple Triad, but it's decent enough - if, er, very confusing. We still haven't entirely worked out how to play despite the best efforts of BD2's NPCs to teach us - but we were able to muddle through the necessary card games in order to unlock Gambler.


The 'Take a Gamble' quest that kicks off after talking to Shirley basically requires you to beat a bunch of characters scattered around the Savalon Gaming Hall. Work your way around the hall, beating all the NPCs you can, starting with Orpheus, who is chilling in the north-eastern corner of the hall. After Orpheus, work around the other players - except Shirley. When all have been defeated, STOP!

Now you've beaten everybody else, Shirley, who taught you the game, will play you again - no holds barred. Before you play Bind & Divide against Shirley, please save your game. If you lose this match of this rather obtuse card game, you'll be forced to reload your game; it actually results in a game-over. So save right before you take her on in cards.

Unfortunately, Shirley can be a tough out, and you won't have that many good cards to defeat her with. At this point, there's really only two general tips that you should know to give you the best chance to win. Make sure to play your Beastmaster card before your other Beast type cards to strengthen them before you place them on the board. And remember that Corners, followed by sides, are the best squares to cover in almost any game. This is because this will give you the best opportunities to flank enemy squares while preventing your own from being flanked. In fact, covering the four corner spaces first and foremost is generally a decent strategy that you should use throughout the game if you plan on playing a lot of B 'n' D. 

With Shirley beaten, you'll now have to fight her in an actual combat boss battle in order to unlock the Gambler Asterisk. She's not that difficult, but again, it's good that you've saved, 'cos if you fail in this combat, it's a game over.


If you found the most recent story fights at this stage manageable, you should find Shirley no real problem, however. We found there's more of a danger in losing the card game to her, and of course that has a random element! But then again - so does the Gambler Class, sticking with the tradition of other versions of this class elsewhere.

The Gambler Class is potentially powerful, but you have to understand that its Gaming ability set is heavily randomized, as you'd expect given the theme of the job. However, Gamblers have solid magic stats, which means this can be a good job to pair with mages. They're also great if you desperately need money and have to grind out some cash. Like all classes, the final three skills of the gambler job can only be accessed by unlocking the job level cap to hit level 15.