Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Tools | tool list, unlocks & upgrades

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is the latest entry in the series formally known as Harvest Moon, and as ever it taks you with the upkeep and renovation of a cute little family farm. Any renovation requires tools, however - and this game has them!

The tools on offer will be familiar to anyone who has played this type of game before, be it another Harvest Moon game or indeed Animal Crossing, which offers many of the same features. On this page, we explain how to unlock all of the tools in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, plus how to upgrade them:


Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Tool List & Unlocks

There's a total of nine different tools in this Story of Seasons entry, and the most important ones will actually unlock very quickly as the game first kicks off and your journey in Olive Town gets underway. The others will unlock as you perform certain tasks for the first time, all of which is detailed below.

Any tools you get don't actually have to take up your main inventory slots. Instead, you'll have a seperate Tool Bag where these inventory items are stored - and you can move them back and forth from the bag to your main inventory whenever you need them. This makes inventory management much easier, and it means you can carry all nine key tools at all times without sacrificing over half of your total inventory slots.

Here's how to unlock each of the tools:



  • Used to chopping down trees, which gets you much-needed Wood
  • Obtained: Naturally though progression - you'll be given it by Victor on your very first day.


  • Used to break rocks apart.
  • Obtained: Naturally, given to you by Victor on your very first day.


  • Used to harvest grass, which is also vital.
  • Obtained: Naturally through progression, obtained from Victor on your very first day.


  • Allows you to till the land for farming.
  • Obtained: This is another tool item that comes from Victor automatically; you'll get it on the morning of your second day.

Watering Can

  • Allows you to water your plants and crops.
  • Obtained: The Watering Can arrives alongside the Hoe, being given to you by Victor on the morning of your second day in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town.


  • This important tool allows you to remove the nasty puddles of water appear around the farm. 
  • Obtained: This tool will be given to you by Clemens, but they'll only arrive to do so on the morning after your first Rainy Day. When your first Raindy Day occurs can vary, so it might take several days - possibly a week or more - for this to happen. Once you've had that rainy day, however, Celemens shows up and offers you his old bucket, which you can use to get rid of those puddles, or even drain larger bodies of water.

Fishing Rod

  • Used to, er... fish. To catch fish. As you'd expect.
  • Obtained: the Fishing Rod tool can be had from Manuela, who is the wife of Marcos - so unsurprisingly, you'll find her in Marcos's House, which is down by the beach. You can do this as soon as you like; just visit the house, have a natter to Manuela, and she'll give you a fishing rod they just have laying around their beach-adjacent house.


  • Used to take photos. These descriptions are feeling a little redundant now.
  • Obtained: you can get the Camera from the elegant older lady Gloria. You'll meet Gloria at the Olive Museum - she's its curator. She has an ulterior motive for giving you the camera, as she sets you a task to photograph wildlife and give those photos to the museum. 


  • A useful tool that allows you to take your pets out for walks. Just like in real life!
  • Obtained: as you'd expect, you'll get the Leash tool from the Hoof House Pet Shop - but you won't be able to obtain it until after your first house upgrade. Shop owner Patricia will hand over the leash once that's happened as a free gift to celebrate your first house renovation. 

How to upgrade Tools in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

The tools you get as a default unlock are pretty basic - but that makes sense considering they are generally hand-me-downs from helpful residents of Olive Town. However, you can upgrade tools, which in turn makes each more effective and easier to use - speeding up the process for you using them.

You can upgrade tools at the Tool Shop (duh), which is open between 8am and 6pm every day except Tuesday. Upgrading tools will require different materials, however - which you can in turn only get by using tools. 

Primarily you'll need wood from chopping trees with your axe, and metals which can be obtained by heading into Mines and smashing open rocks and other deposits with your Hammer tool.