Monster Hunter Rise Roadmap: every update and addition upcoming

You've done it - you cleared through High Rank, crafted all the weapons you were interested in and defeated the (current) final boss of Monster Hunter Rise. But as we all know, the credits rolling for the first time is traditionally only just the beginning of things in Monster Hunter - and Rise is no different. There's always a hefty update roadmap for upcoming updates and additions to the game. 

In its current state, it's fair to say that the existing, launch endgame of MH Rise is more than a little anemic - but the good news is you won't have to wait for long for it to be buffed out with more stuff. Perhaps some of this was knocked out of the main game by the current difficult conditions in the real world - but Capcom is dedicated to expanding the game.

Capcom is planning plenty of additional content, following up on the similiarly impressive effort that the company made with Monster Hunter World and its expansion, Iceborne - support which won it an RPG Site award for being the best ongoing game of 2020. MH Rise now appears to be gunning for that title in 2021. 


Monster Hunter Rise roadmap: what updates are coming?

As of right now - April 1st, 2021 (and that is no joke), Capcom has announced two major Title Updates for Monster Hunter Rise. The first Title Update will release in "Late April", so at some point this month at the time of writing. Title Update 2 will release at an undisclosed time after that.

At some point, we know MH Rise will also come to PC - and it's fair to expect even more updates beyond these two as time goes on. If and when that happens, we'll keep this page updated. For now, here's what to expect in the title updates:

What's Coming in Title Update 1 for MH Rise?

So far, Capcom has revealed that the Elder Dragon Chameleos, and Apex Rathalos, will be added to the game alongside "several" other monsters. That being the case, players can expect around 5 or more monsters when Title Update 1 drops in Late April.

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Players will also have access to an unlocked Hunter Rank - the current cap in the game is Hunter Rank 7. Presumably, the cap for Hunter Rank will be raised to Hunter Rank 999, as has been standard in previous entries for the series.

What's Coming in Title Update 2 for MH Rise?

Capcom has revealed scant information about what's to come with Title Update 2, other than the fact that players can also expect "several" monsters to be added to the game, as well as a new ending.

It's a safe assumption to say that at least one of the monsters that will be added with Title Update 2 will take up the role as the story's proper final boss. Everything else, we'll have to wait for Capcom to release more information.

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