Nier Replicant Disturbing the Sleep of Kings quest walkthrough

There's a whole lot of optional content in Nier Replicant, including an absolutely huge list of optional quests with various rewards - but undoubtedly one of the most important quests in the game is Disturbing the Sleep of Kings, as it has a reward of Labyrinth's Song, an optional weapon that's required to see endings C, D and E

There's only a few quests like this, including The Damaged Map. On this page we'll cover how to get, trigger and start Disturbing the Sleep of Kings, plus offer up a quick and basic walkthrough to the side quest, so you can breeze through it, pick up that weapon, and move onwards and upwards to bigger things. Simple. For walkthroughs of every other quest in the game, check out our Nier Replicant side quests guide.


A Shade Entombed - the quest needed to unlock Disturbing the Sleep of Kings

First thing's first - actually unlocking the quest. Most of the optional content in this game is simply tied to the basic story progression, with different pockets of activities and objectives unlocking as you hit certain story milestones. Not so for Disturbing the Sleep of Kings, however - it only unlocks once you've first completed another side quest.

That side quest is A Shade Entombed, a quest that tasks you with returning to the Barren Temple, where it's been laid siege by bandits.

This side quest can be picked up at any time after you've picked up the 'Loyal Cerberus Fragment' as part of the main story - that's basically after completing the plot line that occurs upon your return to Facade. Collect the quest from one of the guards at the entrance of Facade. 

The quest is simple; you must return to the Barren Temple, where you'll encounter a lone, fleeing Bandit. The bandits tried to raid the temple but found themselves at the mercy of shades instead. Remember that to reach the Barren Temple you'll need the Royal Compass, which can be grabbed for free off one of the guards flanking the King's Mansion in Facade.


Once you get to the Barren Temple, go inside and work your way through all of the rooms of the Barren Temple.

Here you'll have to abide by rules in each room, this time in strict combat encounters - so you may have to win an encounter without blocking or dodging, for instance. These rooms can be challenging - don't forget buff items in your inventory, as they can be extremely helpful, especially with the 'Time-forgetting Monkey' challenges, which involves clearing the room under a strict time limit. While all the rooms aren't required for this quest, we do recommend you complete them all now, as it'll make Disturbing the Sleep of Kings slightly faster.

At the far end of the temple, you'll be able to enter a new area you couldn't before. Do this to have an encounter with a larger shade - defeat it and report back to the guard to turn in the quest. You'll get 50,000 Gold as your reward.


Disturbing the Sleep of Kings quest walkthrough

Now you've completed A Shade Entombed, you're ready to start Disturbing the Sleep of Kings. Once A Shade Entombed has been turned in, go back to the King's Mansion at the back of facade. Go inside, then work your way up to the top floor, then back outside. The King of Facade is on the roof of his mansion. Talk to him to get Disturbing the Sleep of Kings added to your quests section of Weiss. 

The quest itself is remarkably simple. Return to the Barren Temple; there's shades all over the temple - but if you did as we said and cleared most of the rooms during A Shade Entombed, you'll have cleared a bunch of them already and saved yourself some time.

Again, each room within will test you with random rules. This will lock off certain abilities, where if you use them the room resets. While the room resets can be useful for manipulating and farming certain upgrade materials, really, you'll want to focus on completing the quest... which means abide by the rules. This time all rooms must be cleared. 

At the end of the quest, you'll need to make your way to the Boss Room that you visited in the first half of the game - which wasn't part of A Shade Entombed - and clear it. Once this is done, with the boss Shade defeated, return to the King to let him know. This concludes Disturbing the Sleep of Kings, and nets you Labyrinth's Song in reward.