Nier Replicant The Damaged Map quest walkthrough

Of all of the optional side content available in Nier Replicant, some of the most important are those quests that offer you some of the game's 30 different weapons as a reward - not least because every weapon is required to unlock the later endings, including the true canon ending. One of these vital quests is The Damaged Map - and lemme tell you, this one is a doozy, taking you back-and-forth across the world several times.

This quest forms a trio with A Bridge in Peril and Disturbing the Sleep of Kings to unlock a trio of Labyrinth weapons, with this particular quest granting you the Labyrinth's Shout, a powerful late-game spear. Each of these missions has their own intricacies, but The Damaged Map is arguably the most complicated, requiring you to trek back and forth across the world, gather certain materials, and more. On this page, we explain how to get The Damaged Map quest, then offer offer a full walkthrough for its objectives.


The Damaged Map - Nier Replicant Quest Guide

First of all, you need to actually start The Damaged Map side quest. You can do this at any point in the second half of Nier Replicant after you free Kaine - the quest comes from the Blacksmith NPC that's found in your home village. The quest sounds simple enough - you're asked to find a Treasure Map. Here's a step-by-step guide to the rest of the quest.

  • First, you need to find the map. It's suggested go so somewhere that there's books, so take yourself to the village library. In there, on the 2nd floor's bookshelves, you'll find an interact prompt. Hit it to discover a dated Treasure Map.
  • To decode the treasure map, head to Facade - specifically to the Strange-Thing Shop. You can run there naturally or use the boat-based fast travel, if it's unlocked & available at the time you're doing the quest.
  • The shopkeeper will require some ingredients to do as you ask. You'll need to get the following - and here's where to find them:
    • 3 Eggplant: you can cultivate this by growing it in your garden, but the fastest way to get it is to buy it at your home Village Grocer store.
    • 3 Goat Hide: this drops from goats. In the second half of the game, the easiest place to farm them is on the Eastern Road - just keep killing them, entering and exiting to force them to respawn until you have the three you need. Remember you need to 'carve' animals after killing them to get their drops.
    • 3 Machine Oil: these are found in the Junk Heap robot factory dungeon area. If you were diligent farming here in past visits, you might already have the three you require. If not, we have some specific spots in the dungeon that work well as Machine Oil farming spots.
  • Hand those materials in to the Strange-Thing Shop in Facade, and then return to the Blacksmith's Wife in your Village. She's where the Blacksmith was when he gave you the quest. He's not available, but she is. She will ask you to go find the treasure.
  • The treasure is found in the Lost Shrine. Go there; the treasure is on the 2nd floor, a glowing object found in the north-western side of the 2F floor. Go the opposite way than the path that leads to the 3rd floor and the roof of the shrine - it's at the end of this path.
  • Take the treasure back to the Blacksmith's wife. She will exchange it with you for a Hair Ornament. You actually have a choice of what to do next, but what you want to do is take the Hair ornament to the Strange-Thing shop and sell it in exchange for a Gold Coin.
  • Now once again return to the Blacksmith in your Village. Give him the Gold Coin and he will in return hand over the Marked Map, the very first treasure map the treasure-obsessed man ever found. This is the treasure you want.
  • Take the Marked Map to Popola at the village library; she will decipher it out for you, telling you that it's a map of the northern plains.
  • Go to the Northern Plains and trace the rotting, incomplete bridge that travels across the plains to its origin on the other side of the map, near the entrance to the Forest of Myth. Sitting at the foundations of the bridge is a shining, glistening object - pick it up to get Labyrinth's Shout, your reward.
  • The Damaged Map quest is marked as complete.