Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne: Important Dialogue and Choices

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne is an RPG with a lot of dialogue choices. You might be sitting at one wondering which option you should pick. That's where this page helps.

To be frank, a good percentage of the dialogue choices in Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne don't actually matter, though there are a few key decisions that do. We'll list them all here.

As stated in our Endings Guide, some dialogue choices will earn Demi-fiend points towards the three different Reasons - Musubi, Yosuga, or Shijima. These points are invisible to the player. However, these points are not as important as the key Flags that will determine which ending you will see. The point system only comes into place if you flag more than one Reason so that the game can decide which ending you will get.

Here's a list of all the choices in Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne that have an effect on an ending or something else important. If you have a dialogue choice that isn't on this list, it does not matter what you select.

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster - All Important Choices guide

There are a lot of dialogue options in the first part of SMT Nocturne. None of them will change anything significant. The first choice that matters will appear after you defeat Forneus in Shinjuku Medical Center.

After escaping Shinjuku Medical Center, in Yoyogi Park.

You want to keep Pixie, because you'll be able to get a stronger Pixie later, so choose the following:

  • I guess this is goodbye?
    • Select "No."
  • Do I get the sense you want us to stay together?
    • Select "Yes."

Optional discussion will Oni standing in the center of Ikebukuro, near the terminal

  • Am I right or what?
    • You know what’s up. (Yosuga)
    • You don’t know shit. (Shijima)
    • Who knows? (Ends conversation, can chat again)

Speaking with Gozu-Tennoh at the top of Mantra HQ

  • Joining the Mantra must seem a tempting offer, is it not?
    • I’m at your service. (Yosuga)
    • I decline. (Shijima)
    • Let me think about it. (Musubi)

Talking to Hijiri at Assembly of Nihilo

  • You didn’t actually join the Mantra, did you?
    • I sure did. (Yosuga)
    • Why would I do that? (Shijima, Musubi)

Speak with Chiaki at Mantra HQ

  • You know what I’m saying, don’t you?
    • Yeah, I get it. (YOSUGA FLAG 1 OF 2)
    • No, I don’t. (Shijima)
    • I need time to think. (Musubi)

Talk to Isamu at Kabukicho Prison

  • Too little, too late, don’t you think?
    • Talk back. (Yosuga)
    • Apologize. (No effect)
    • Leave the room. (Musubi)

Talk with Hijiri at Asakusa terminal after completing Obelisk

He will ask a series of questions. Only one affects your Reason.

  • Wasn’t the Maiden operating it?
    • I saved her.
    • I took care of her.
    • Don’t wanna talk about it.
  • Let me share with you what I’ve found out so far, okay?
    • Go ahead.
    • Please don’t.
  • Do you know him?
    • In fact, I do.
    • I don’t. (Musubi)

Conversation with red Shadow when you are in Amala Network, after Specter boss

  • ...You…...want to pass…?
    • Yes. (No effect)
    • No. (No effect)
    • …… (Musubi)
  • ……...What’s your name…..?
    • Say your name. (No effect)
    • …… (Musubi)
  • …...You like … solitude…?
    • Yes. (Musubi++)
    • No. (No effect)
    • …… (Musubi+)
  • ………...on your own?
    • Yes. (Musubi)
    • No. (No effect)
    • …… (No effect)

Talking to Isamu in Amala Network

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have a world to yourself?
    • I can relate. (MUSUBI FLAG 1 OF 2)
    • That’s messed up. 
    • Hard to say.

Speaking with Hikawa at Mantra HQ

  • Do you not agree that the world should be ruled by serenity?
    • Actually, I do. (SHIJIMA FLAG 1 OF 2)
    • You’re deluded.

Speaking with Yuko at Yoyogi Park

  • Will you get the Yahiro no Himorogi for me?
    • Consider it done. (No Effect)
    • Not happening. (Shijima)
    • Let me think. (Musubi)

Speaking with Aradia after getting the Yahiro no Himorogi

  • Do you fear the suffering and humiliation?
    • ...I’m terrified. (NEUTRAL FLAG 1 OF 2)
    • I can take it. (FREEDOM FLAG 1 OF 3)
  • Do you fear the deceit, the torment?
    • ...I’m terrified. (NEUTRAL FLAG 2 OF 2)
    • I can take it. (FREEDOM FLAG 2 OF 3)

[Note: You can only get the Freedom or Neutral Endings if you do not get both flags for any other Reason, or if you complete the Labyrinth of Amala before the Tower of Kagutsuchi]

If you speak with a Dominion at Mantra HQ 2F, you can get an optional dialogue

  • Cruel this may be, but is it not also rightful?
    • Makes sense. (Yosuga)
    • You’re insane. (Shijima)
    • I’m stumped. (Musubi)

After beating the three bosses in the Temple of Amala, only if you triggered Musubi Flag 1

  • Will you do it, for the sake of Musubi?
    • All right. (MUSUBI FLAG 2 OF 2)
    • No way.

Talking to Power/Dominion in Mifunashiro

  • Don’t you agree?
    • Yes. (Yosuga)
    • No.

When you meet Chiaki at the end of Mifunashiro, only if you triggered Yosuga Flag 1

  • I know you understand what I mean.
    • I see your point (YOSUGA FLAG 2 OF 2). [You will fight Futomimi instead of the angels.]
    • You’re misguided.

At Diet Building, when talking to Mitra

  • Dost thou accept that thou art a demon?
    • Yes. (Demon)
    • No. (Freedom)
  • Dost thou accept that thy heart is demonic? (only if answered yes)
    • Yes. (Demon)
    • No. (Freedom)
  • Dost thou swear not to take part in the creation? (only if answered yes)
    • Yes. (Demon)
    • No. (Freedom)

[Note: I'm not sure if this choice is important or not. It could come into play if not doing TDE nor Musibi, Shijima, or Yosuga reasons. If you are aiming for the Freedom Ending, select No for the first question. If you are aiming for the Neutral Ending, select Yes for all three questions.]

Speaking with Hikawa at Diet Building

  • Now, I’d appreciate it if you’d stand aside and cease with the interruptions.
    • Fine by me. (SHIJIMA FLAG 2 of 2) [Unlike Yosuga or Musubi, you can set Shijima Flag 2 without setting the first one, although you cannot get the Shijima ending unless you set both.]
    • Can’t do that. (FREEDOM FLAG 3 of 3)