Mass Effect 3 Benning Evidence: where to find the Dog Tags

One of the many side quests in Mass Effect 3 is Benning: Evidence, which tasks you with finding an item that will reveal the fate of the son of human ambassador Dominic Osoba.

The Benning Evidence mission first unlocks any time after you complete one of the earliest story quests in ME3, Priority: Palaven. After that, you'll be able to revisit the Citadel, where you can find Ambassador Osoba desperately trying to find out more information about his son in the Embassies area.

Talking to Osoba will reveal that his son went on a major military mission, but his squad returned without him. He also notes the squad won't explain what happened to him. 

This makes it sound like this quest should be about going and speaking to his son's squadmates, who can be found in the Citadel's Purgatory bar - but that's not the case. Instead, the drunken chatter you can overhear there only serves to provide another clue as to this mission's existence, with the banter changing only once the mission has been completed.

With all this noted, the next step is simple enough - find the Benning Evidence. Here's how.


ME3 Benning Evidence: where to find the Benning Dog Tags

If you want to acquire the dog tags naturally, it's pretty easy - but it happens as part of a side quest. 

N7: Cerberus Abductions is a side quest assignment that you'll be given by Admiral Hackett automatically at any point after you complete either Attican Traverse: Krogan Team or Tuchanka: Turian Platoon. It'll pop after whichever you do first, though in our ME3 mission order guide we suggest you tackle the Turian Platoon mission first.

Once unlocked, play the Cerberus Abdictions N7 mission. This is honestly pretty simple; play through the mission, defeat the Cerberus troops, and work through. Loot the level carefully - there's credits and items to be found.

The buildings in the area where this mission takes place are clearly numbered. Near Building 22, you'll be able to pick up a Dog Tag - this is the Benning Evidence for this quest. This is what you need. It's worth noting the following:

  • If you complete this quest and pick up the Dog Tags before you speak to Ambassador Osoba, the quest will be added to your quest log as Benning: Dog Tags instead.
  • If you've already completed N7: Cerberus Abductions and failed to pick up the Dog Tags, don't panic - if missed, they can then be purchased from the Spectre Requisitions store inside the Citadel Spectre Office, where your Spectre terminal is. It'll cost you 1000 credits.
  • You must complete this mission before starting Priority: Tuchanka - as many unfinished Citadel quests including Benning: Evidence will be wiped away without completion by a story event after finishing that mission.

Once you have the Dog Tags, you simply need to return to Ambassador Osoba and hand them over to give him some closure. Doing so will get you 1000 Creidts, 90 EXP, and 5 Reputation points. 

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