Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis - how to increase your Battle Power

New to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, the combination of your character's Class Level, gear, augments, and Class Skills will combine together to determine your Battle Power. Your battle power is a numerical representation of how 'strong' your character is. Not only that, but you'll be asked at multiple points to increase your Battle Power in order to partake in specific tasks, enter certain areas, or even participate in the timed Urgent Quests.

While the game gives a little bit of tutorialization on how to increase battle power, you might be wondering exactly how to squeeze out those extra couple points so that you can finally continue with the story. Here are all the ways to increase your battle power:

You'll need to reach a minimum Battle Power before you can take on the game's Urgent Quests

New Genesis - how to increase your Battle Power

Increasing your Battle Power will come naturally as you progress through the game. However, if you're looking for a quick way to reach the next threshold, check to make sure if there's any of the below you can quick accomplish for a bit of a boost:

Level Up

The most straightforward way to increase Battle Power is to level up. Several Tasks will reward Experience Points, including a nice chunk of mostly free EXP for completing Daily Tasks. Daily tasks ask you to do basic things like use a Food Stand or a Region Mag. You can gain up to an extra +10% EXP Earned for cooking food if you have an Active Premium Set, and you can buy a 24-hour boost from the SG shop or 250 Star Gems if you're inclined. Region Mags can also give a +10% boost.

The best way to earn EXP is to head to the game's Combat Sectors, such as Mt. Magnus, and complete Trials or follow the yellow E Enemy Markers. Defeating enough enemies in a short period of time will trigger a PSE Burst, which will spawn waves of enemies followed by a mini-boss of sorts. Not only is this a good way to get EXP, but you'll get drops that are useful for improving your gear. 

Note that oddly enough, your Sub-Class's level does not seem to contribute to your Battle Power, but its Class Skills do, more on that below:


Learn Class Skills

One of the easiest ways to boost Battle Power is to make sure you've spent your Skill Points for both your Class and Sub-Class over at the Class Counter. You can earn skill points from the region's 8 Cocoons and 3 Towers. Cocoons will earn you 1 point each while Towers give a whopping 4 if you manage to complete them will all of the side objectives completed.

The Tower in the South Aelio region, Aero Rush, lists a1184 Battle Power needed, but does not require any combat. So if you want free early points, you should knock that one out -- just be prepared for some platforming.

Note that Class Skills have to be spent and allocated in order to contribute to boosting your Battle Power, simply earning them isn't sufficient.

Enhance Your Equipment

All of the next three components involve using the Item Lab, located right across from the Class Counter. Here, the main task is to select Item Enhancement. This is the main way you upgrade your gear in New Genesis.

First, you'll select the Base Item. The Base Item is the one you want to upgrade, so likely this will be whatever you have equipped. 

Then you'll select your Material Items, up to 5 per enhancement run. For weapons, you'll have to select other weapons to upgrade with, and like-wise for armor. Note that for each Material Item used, you'll have to consume one N-Grinder as well as some N-Meseta. 

On some gear, you'll have to spend some money and materials utilizing Limit Break to increase the Maximum Enhancement Level of the item. 

Silver and Gold Primm Swords, often dropped by mini-bosses after PSE Burst Climaxes, give a lot of Weapon Experience as Material Items, due to their Esperio / Esperio II Augments. 



Augment Your Gear

While playing New Genesis, you'll probably come across a lot of items with names like C/Spirit I and C/Pain Ward II. These are Capsules that are used to fill in your Weapon and Armors' Augment Slots. Each Capsule has a Success Rate of conferring its Augment to a given weapon or armor when Add Augments is selected at the Item Lab.

You can use up to ten of each capsule, adding together the Success Rate of conferring the Augment. For instance, C/Spirit I has a Success Rate of 10%, so using 10 of them boosts this to 100%, guaranteeing the Augment. However, C/Spirit III only has an 8% Success Rate, so this will max out at 80% with ten Capsules, barring any other boosts. Note that you'll also need a little bit of N-Meseta per Capsule.

Once an Augment is attached to a Weapon or Armor, there's no real risk of losing it, which is a godsend compared to how the systems worked in the base PSO2. If you want to swap out an augment on a piece of gear, simply select the Capsules you want to use for the new Augment, and you'll be able to choose to carry any of the existing augments over. 

The Number of available Augment Slots increases with the Enhancement Level of the Weapon or Armor, up to a maximum of 4 at the moment.


Unlock Weapon Potentials

Each Weapon type in New Genesis has a hidden Potential that can be unlocked at the Item Lab. Simply Select Unlock Potential to permanently upgrade the weapon with a big passive bonus. Potentials are listed in Yellow above the Weapon's slotted Augments.

Potentials require lots of N-Meseta and materials to unlock and upgrade, but can confer bug Potency boosts and unique buffs. If you plan on sticking with a weapon for a good while, make sure to unlock at least Lv.1 of its Weapon Potential for a big bonus to your damage.