Cris Tales - All Sidequests, Choices, and How to get the Best Endings in St Clarity, Neva Tulira, and Cinder

Cris Tales is a classically styled JRPG-inspired game, and it's important to note there are a handful of quests in the first part of the game that are missable and will affect the game's ending. In order to get the best ending, you'll want to complete all the sidequests in each city before moving on to the next.

There are ten quests in total: three in St Clarity, four in Neva Tulira, and three in Cinder. Technically, all these sidequests are missable if you complete the city storyline without doing them, so we're here to help you know where to look and how to complete these quests. By doing all the sidequests in each city, you'll be rewarded with an optimal dialogue choice for each storyline.

Here is our guide for each of the game's first 4 areas, and how to complete each optimally in order to get all the sidequests, see the best results in each town, and ultimately lead to the best ending of the game.


Cris Tales - Narim Area - Should you save the Apocathery or the Miller House?

This isn’t a listed side quest, but in the Cris Tales prologue, you’ll eventually have to make a decision to either save June’s Apocathery shop or the Miller Home. You might be wondering which decision is the better one to make, but the truth is, it doesn’t matter which you pick. Unlike the decisions in the following cities after Narim, there is no optimal outcome here, so just pick which you feel like. For what it's worth, I picked the Apocathery.

Note, however, there is an achievement/trophy for each decision. So for achievement hunters, you’ll want to save, pick one option, reload, and then pick the other option in order to get both achievements.

Cris Tales - St Clarity Area Sidequests and Choices

In Need of Repairs

  • Available: Talk to Adri the inventor in St. Clarity. This is effectively the starter, tutorial quest.
    • She’ll ask you to grab blueprints from Armando.
    • Talk to Armando in Floodside, he’ll tell you the blueprints are at his home on the West/Left side of Floodside, but have been damaged over the years.
    • Go to Armando's house, have Matias grab the blueprints from the Past.
    • Go back to Adri in the Walled City area, she’ll then ask for a Power Cell.
    • You can get the Power Cell after progressing the story a little bit. After beating the machine boss at Mt Thysia, check the machine corpse to get the Power Cell.
    • Return to Adri, then use Matias to check her results from the Future and return, to finish the quest.
  • Reward: 2000 Marbles

A Memorial To The Fallen [note, highly missable!]

  • Available: At the beginning of Mt Thysia, you’ll find Noah there being attacked by Wulfs. Save him right now, ASAP. If you ignore him, he’ll eventually die and you’ll miss the quest.
    • Afterward, he’ll ask you to collect 5 flowers from Floodside - the lower level of St Clarity. Three of these are easily found in the Past, using Matias to collect them. (Note, none of the flowers are in the Walled City area). One is obtained by talking to Isabelle (the woman with a basket on her head), and the last is obtained by talking to Richard - the guy with a bike always hanging out with his dad. 
    • Return to Noah at Mt Thysia, and he’ll give you a bouquet of the flowers you collected.
    • Then, you’ll want to head to Evergreen Forest (the forest south of St Clarity), and head to the gated altar area and drop off the bouquet. You’ll have to fight some regular enemies here, so be prepared.
    • Return to Noah at Mt Thysia for your reward:
  • Reward: Silver Ring

The Witness

  • Available: Find a pair of goggles on Mt. Thysia, after beating the machine boss (you’ll see a quest icon, you cross over the machine boss' body like a bridge)
    • Speak with Rebecca in Floodside in St Clarity about the goggles (she’s the woman carrying boxes)
    • Later in the Sewer dungeon, you can find a mysterious Orb. Make sure you get this before you leave the sewers. In the area with the flowing sewage lanes, one of the lanes has a chest with feather boots. Let the sewage in this lane push you down, and then take a right near the bottom.
    • Once you have the orb and are able to, talk to Paulina at the docks north of St Clarity.
  • Reward: None

Other St Clarity Events

These aren’t quests exactly, but be sure to complete these before finishing the St. Clarity storyline:

  • Give Bernard 1500 marbles so he can ‘make it’ as a street musician. 
  • You’ll also eventually be able to give Mario an antidote to cure his sewer-water illness. I don’t believe there is a cutoff for this. You won’t be given the option until you progress the story a fair bit. You'll simply hop to the Future with Matias to hear about Mario's fate from his mother, then hop back and give him an antidote.

Cris Tales St Clarity Best Ending Choice

At the end of the St. Clarity storyline, you’ll enter the Cathedral to take on Enzo. You’ll know this is the point of no return as Willhelm will give you a blatant warning before entering. After this, if you did all the sidequests properly, you’ll get the best optimal option to have the Council take over, rather than just Armando or just Sophia. There are trophies for all three options, so make sure you have a save in place to make sure you can get all the achievements if you are hunting them.

Cris Tales - Neva Tulira Area Sidequests and Choices

Note: Be sure to finish these four quests before giving Gladys’ Will to Rysa

Bitter Memories

  • Available: To start this quest, you need the power to Restore or Decay objects on the field, which you’ll get as part of the story in the Museum dungeon. Once you have this, go to the bottom floor of the dungeon, and decay a pillar to remove it. You’ll find a book behind it, with the quest label.
    • Talk to Mother Superior about the book at the Cathedral (remember, the cathedral is outside the city)
    • Go to the University (upper East/Right part of Tulira). On the left-hand side here, check the vision orb thing in the Present, then use Matias to check it in the Past.
    • Find the ring in the statue in the plaza. It’s behind the giant rock the looks like it has spikes coming out of it.
    • Return to Mother Superior.
  • Reward: Tulira Signet

Setting the Basses

  • Available: To start this quest, you need the power to Restore or Decay objects on the field, which you’ll get as part of the story in the Museum dungeon. Once you have this, go to the room to the East/Right of the Museum dungeon entrance, and Decay the bookshelf there to get a Ruler.
    • Talk to Oropen in the University (East/Right side of the city) and give him the ruler. He will ultimately ask for two salt samples from the mines.
    • After progressing the story a bit, later on in the Salt Mine dungeon, there are two spots on the field Crisbell can interact with, both in the last area of the dungeon. One is near a Restore/Decay item up top, the other is on the ledge near the final sand-pot thing at the bottom. Both spots have a slight sparkle.
    • Once you have these, return to Oropen at the University.
  • Reward: Piercing Keychain

Unlucky in Love

  • Available: After the Rainbow Lake events and getting the mural fixed, speak with Sol (red-head girl on right side of Tulira). She wants to repair her relationship with Joseph, the blue-haired boy next to her.
    • Speak with Joseph. Then, speak with Joseph in the Past, who is with Gladys.
    • At this point you’ll be tasked to get a broken mirror from the Museum dungeon, though you’ll probably already have it. You get it from the Museum in a Bookcase you Decay near the trapped NPC.
    • Speak with Rojizo (West/Left of Sol & Joseph)
    • Go back to the Rainbow Lakes and get water from the first lake. You’ll have to battle some enemies.
    • Go back to Rojizo.
    • Give the fixed mirror to Joseph. Then speak with Sol.
  • Reward: Cinder Signet

The Grand Carnival

  • Available: From Dreena (woman West/Left of the shop)
    • This is an easy quest. Dreena will ask you to get three ribbons.
    • One is from Elizabeth, the shop cat lady. You can select an option to ‘Talk’ while in the Store menu.
    • One is from Brandon, East/Right of the signpost in lower part of the city.
    • One is from the students near the University in the upper part of the city.
    • Return to Dreena for your reward.
  • Reward: Fiery Keychain

Cris Tales Neva Tulira Best Ending Choice

The effective sidequest cutoff point for Neva Tulira seems to be a bit before Willhelm's warning, so be careful. Finish the sidequests before you give Gladys' Will to Rysa. After this, the parade will start and you'll eventually beat Rhallus. The decision here is pretty simple. If you finished all four quests, you should be given the best option to fund both the University and Museum. This will give you both achievements for this decision at the same time.

Cris Tales Cinder Area Sidequests and Choices

A Rising Tide

  • Available: After returning from the Forge
    • Get the quest from Fira.
    • Talk to Takna, who is straight north from the center square,
    • Buy Cinderian Tools from the shop. It is an actual item you purchase for 5000 Marbles.
    • Return to Takna.
    • Talk to Firaga near the front of town for Crystalarium Gear.
    • Talk to Lau (the local Mother Superior, in the East/Right palace) for a Crystalarium Console.
    • Obtain Crystalarium Chain from Ceniza (you may have already picked this up when you explored Ceniza)
    • Return to Takna
    • Place the parts in the machine (from left to right, Gear, Console, Chain, use the past vision to help). Talk to Takna.
  • Reward: Cinder Signet

A Heart Made Whole

  • Available: After Cristopher rejoins
    • Get the quest from Orola in the East Palace.
    • Talk to the sick Cinderian in the center of Cinder. Hop Matias to the Future and talk to the future sick Cinderian to get a scrap of clothes. Return to the Present and talk to him again to cure him.
    • Talk to Jaru (in the house Cristopher was sleeping in).
    • Leave the house, go straight down to the cemetery, pick up the ring from the Past on the West/Left side.
    • Return to Jaru and talk with him.
    • Go to Ceniza.
      • You can talk to Lati at the Ceniza gate to get an Anti-Mute.
      • You can talk to a Cinderian on the West/Left side of Ceniza to get another Anti-Mute.
      • Talk to the two Cinderians on the East/Right side to get a Tent and Anti Burn.
      • Talk to the Cinderian in the back on the upper level to get a Cup of Coffee.
    • Talk with Kim in Ceniza. She’s the woman straight up from the entrance that you may have noticed was named ‘???’ before now.
    • Return to Jaru.
  • Reward: Distortion Ring

A Royal Decree

  • Available: Once the Ancient Ruins are explorable (maybe after you get the Seal item).
    • Get the quest from Volcano/Galley in the Past, in the East/Right palace.
    • Go to the cemetery and get the doll from the Past.
    • Talk to Fenia, who is right there.
    • Go back and talk to the sisters in the palace. You’ll get a book.
    • Take the book to Nasar (the woman in the forge dungeon)
  • Reward: Basalt Necklace

Cris Tales Cinder Best Ending Choice

After you beat Kari Hudo in the Ancient Ruins, you can interact with the mural. This is your point of no return, and Willhelm will warn you. After this, a wave of lava threatens the city. If you completed all three of the Cinder Quests, you should get the best option to use both the levees AND the drains, so do this. In this scenario, you'll save the city of Cinder, and Volcano/Galley should both be okay. You'll end up getting both achievements here, though note they pop at slightly different times during the event.

Concluding Remarks

If you complete all ten quests in Cris Tales and select the optimal third choice for St Clarity, Neva Tulira, and Cinder, you should get the best ending once you reach the end of the game. There is actually still a good chunk of story/game left after the Cinder events, but there are no more missable sidequests to worry about. Enjoy the rest of the game!