Final Fantasy 1 Maps: world, dungeon & town maps for FF1

The world of Final Fantasy was one of the largest and most sprawling in a console RPG to date at the time of its 1987 release. Sure enough, it's pretty tame by modern standards - but there's still a large overworld for you to explore, plus towns and other locations with secrets to find and, of course, sprawling dungeons. And you know what that calls for - maps!

On this page, we feature our FF1 Maps, as compiled some twenty years ago on Final Fantasy fansite UFFSite, which just so happens to be RPG Site's predecessor and younger sibling. The map images mostly use the location names from the NES/Famicom original - which is different to some modern versions - and exclusively use the original game's art. However, while art has changed over the years, FF1's level layouts remain the same - which means all of these maps will work for all versions of FF1, including the new version included in the Final Fantasy HD Pixel Remaster series. Just keep in mind however that we're reproducing these old maps to help - and they might not be 100% up to modern standards.

With that said, these maps will pair perfectly with, and are also linked from, our full Final Fantasy I walkthrough & guide. If you don't want to use the full walkthrough, you should at least check out our pages on boss battle strategies for all bosses, the best weapons, magic list, and how to change class to the promoted jobs.

FF1 World Map


Here's the full world map for the first Final Fantasy - based on the original NES version of FF1. That means it's missing certain locations added in the Game Boy Advance and 2018 Mobile versions - but it also matches up exactly to the new 2021 HD Pixel Remaster version of FF1, which has been reset to match the content of the NES original. The map locations are color-coded for dungeons, towns, and miscellaneous destinations.

FF1 Town Maps

FF1 Dungeon Maps

Misc. FF1 Area Maps