Neo: The World Ends With You Quiz answers guide

There's plenty to do in NEO: The World Ends With You - and like many RPGs with dialogue options, that actually includes a couple of little quiz challenges, where NPCs will challenge you with a question-and-answer test of knowledge in order to net some handy rewards.

The first time you'll be able to encounter the quizzes is on Day 4, during a side quest that's appropriately called Quiz or No Quiz. But after that, there's a handful of other Q&A quiz sessions you can answer in order to obtain various rewards.

On this page, we list the NEO TWEWY Quiz Answers alongside the questions, where to meet the quiz masters, and what rewards you get for getting it right. Once you hit the post-game, consider checking out our guide on the NEO: TWEWY Secret Reports, Boss Noises & Secret Ending.

Day 4 - Quiz or No Quiz quest answers

The first quiz you'll encounter in Neo: TWEWY is part of a side quest that's appropriately titled 'Quiz or No Quiz'. The answer is, er, quiz - as from here on in you're going to undertake a selection of quizzes across Neo's representation of Tokyo in order to rack up some cool rewards.

This first quiz can be found with NPC Katsuhiko Tanimaru, who is hanging out in the Shibuya Hikarie area. There's 3 questions, and if you answer them correctly you'll get a 1000 Yen pin as a reward, as well as getting Katsuhiko's details updated in your social network. Here's the quiz questions & answers:

  • Q: "Which of the following products is a palindrome?"
    • Answer: 12 x 21
  • Q: "What breed of dog has a bronze statue in front of Shibuya Station?"
    • Answer: Akita
  • Q: "What soared through the skies above Hachiko in 1951?"
    • Answer: A Cable Car

Day 7: Expressway Underpass Quiz Answers

On Day 7, you'll be able to undertake a quiz challenge with a Reaper that'll let you use the Expressway Underpass; answer his three questions correctly and he'll let you through. The quiz master for this instance is found in Shibuya Hikarie. Here's the questions and answers:

  • Q: "Which of these areas is directly inaccessible from the Scramble Crossing?"
    • A: Spain Hill
  • Q: "Which of these shops is not located in the Scramble Crossing?"
    • A: Donburi Town
  • Q: "How many crosswalks are painted in the Scramble Crossing?"
    • A: Five

Day 7: Spain Hill Quiz Answer: huge building north of the Scramble

Next up is this quiz that functionally is similar to the last - head to an area, encounter a generic Reaper, and answer the questions to gain access to pass on through. This time, the Reaper you're after is on Center Street. 

If you answer his single question correctly, you'll be rewarded with a handy Pin worth 5000 Yen, plus you'll then be allowed through in order to pass through Spain Hill. Here's the question and answer:

  • Q: "A huge building, north of the Scramble, yellow wall..."