Tales of Arise Owl Locations, missable owls, and how to find them all

Tales of Arise is chock full of collectibles. From cooking recipes and Astral Flowers to artifacts and rare fish, the latest game in the series has plenty of fun diversions. One of the earliest examples you'll encounter is a Sub-Quest titled "The Owl Forest." The prompt for this extensive quest cannot be missed; it will trigger upon the party's arrival in Nevira's White Silver Plains. The gist is equally simple: there are 38 owls scattered across the world of Dahna and it's up to you to find them all.

True to franchise form, locating collectibles is worth your while. As you work on "The Owl Forest," you'll periodically be rewarded with n ew costumes, accessories, and other fun bits. Some owls are tougher to find than others, so we'll guide your discoveries across all five Dahnan realms on a bird-by-bird basis.

A brief bird of warning on a possible Missable Owl

For the most part, Bandai Namco has eliminated the hassle that certain older Tales Of entries have employed regarding limited windows of opportunity. In certain classics, it sometimes seemed as if merely blinking could prompt us to miss collectibles with ridiculously narrow plot-related timeframes. Thankfully, that's no longer the case... mostly.

There is a single missable owl in Tales of Arise (maybe). Here's a link to that specific missable owl in this guide, if you're curious. For those of you who don't wish to read further for fear of mild (location-related) spoilers, here's a hefty hint: the owl can be found toward the end of your adventure aboard a sizable ocean-faring ship that doubles as a mid-game dungeon.

Note: There are reports that anything missed in the above section of the game will be found washed up on the unnamed island later in the game. So it sounds like the developers took the one-time-only dungeon into consideration when looking at missable items.

Tales of Arise owl collecting - Achievements and in-game rewards

Tales of Arise smartly maintains the RPG tradition of offering up tangible in-game treasures for completion of tougher sidequests rather than purely relying upon trophies/achievements. Indeed, both forms of reward are readily available for those of us who seek out every owl.

Bear in mind that, as Tales of Arise is brand new, we're presently listing rough estimates for each interval at which Rinwell suggests the party heads back to Owl Forest for prizes. You may find that her dialogue kicks up slightly sooner (or later) than what we have listed. We'll strive to be more specific as further play-testing is conducted. In-game reward data has been taken from our extensive Tales of Arise sidequests guide.


  • Owl Spotter: Find 10 owls.
  • Owl Scouter: Find 32 owls. This is the maximum number of owls available before the post-game segment.
  • Owl Homecoming: Find all 38 owls. This can only be accomplished after unlocking the final dungeon.

In-game rewards:

  • ~10 owls: Noble Blossom. Noble Crimson.
  • ~13 owls: Scarlet Inherited Coat. Blue Inherited Coat.
  • ~17 owls: Silver Sincleaver Armor. Copper Sincleaver Armor.
  • ~21 owls: Red-Black Wolf Vest. Green Wolf Vest. Wolfless Vest.
  • ~23 owls: Crimson Hair Pin. Silver Hair Pin. Dark Blue Hair Pin.
  • ~32 owls: Night Guardsmen Armor. Aquatic Guardsmen Armor. iL Qaras Festive Attire. Il Qaras Mourning Attire. Verdant Tiara. Aqua Blue Tiara. Violet Tiara. Owl Queen Doll.
  • ~36 owls: Tunica Rene outfit for Alphen, Shionne, Dohalim
  • ~38 (all) owls: Machine Beast Statue artifact. Owl King Doll.
  • After viewing the Sub-Quest's last cutscene: 8400 Gald. 325 SP. Midnight Battle Garb.

Tales of Arise - Every owl location listed by realm

Calaglia (Red Owls)


Owl #1:

  • Location: Sandinus Ravine. You'll find it at the end of a bridge close to the exit to Ulzebek.
  • Reward: Dog Tail

Owl #2:

  • Location: Ulzebek.The roof of the Crimson Crows Hideout (where Zephyr hangs out). There are ladders leading up to the top.
  • Reward: Rabbit Ears

Owl #3:

  • Location: Iglia Wastes. Search for the climbing icon in the southwest region of the map. Simply ascend and you'll see this hooter.
  • Reward: Spotted Cat Ears

Owl #4:

  • Location: Mosgul. Right by Doc, just behind a short stone wall. This is one of those owls it's basically impossible not to know is nearby while progressing the main story.
  • Reward: Monocle

Owl #5:

  • Location: Kyrd Garrison. Heading in from the exit to Mosgul, tilt to the left a bit and follow the offshoot to the end.
  • Reward: Cat Tail

Owl #6:

  • Location: Trench of Flames. When you arrive at the "Castle Gates" portion of the area, just follow the path and you'll easily stumble upon the owl inside a ruined old house.
  • Reward: Dog Ears

Owl #7:

  • Location: Trench of Flames. The "Gates of Fire" portion is where you'll find this one. There's a metal mesh in bad shape. This owl doesn't seem to mind.
  • Reward: Left Bandage

Owl #8:

  • Location: Glanymede Castle. Specifically, Glanymede Castle 3F. This owl is, quite literally, surrounded by chickens. Simple to spot.
  • Reward: Rabbit Tail

Owl #9:

  • Location: Lacerda Cliffs. The last Calaglian owl is quite close to the Campground.
  • Reward: Frame Glasses

Cyslodia (Blue Owls)


Owl #10:

  • Location: White Silver Plains. Perched atop the bridge on your way into Messia 224.
  • Reward: Left Eyepatch

Owl #11:

  • Location: Messia 224. This crafty owl is inside a basket near the oxen. It took me a moment to locate, so if you're anything like me, prepare to hear a ton of strange hooting.
  • Reward: Wolf Ears

Owl #12:

  • Location: Nevira Snowplains. Toward the top of the map you'll find a decently-sized lake. Around the center of that lake, you'll find a normal-sized blue owl.
  • Reward: Wolf Tail

Owl #13:

  • Location: Cysloden. The "Alley" portion of the chilly city has an owl hanging out in the market plaza.
  • Reward: Sunglasses

Owl #14:

  • Location: Rivelle Prison Tower 2F. The bottom-right room's got a bookshelf. That bookshelf? It's got an owl.
  • Reward: Devil Horn

Owl #15:

  • Location: Frozen Valley. In a tree quite close to the exit to Safar Sea Cave.
  • Reward: Half Frames

Elde Menancia (Yellow Owls)


Owl #16:

  • Location: Overseer Hill. You won't be able to fish the first time you arrive at the pier, but at least you'll find an owl nearby.
  • Reward: Red Tropical Corsage

Owl #17:

  • Location: Trasilda Highway. The easiest way to guide your path here is to tell you it's hidden amongst the wheat field near the stable.
  • Reward: Devil Wings

Owl #18:

  • Location: Tietal Plain. Your long journey toward Viscint continues. Search the southeast stretch of the zone. See that stone arch? Look for a perched owl.
  • Reward: Giggle Glasses

Owl #19:

  • Location: Viscint. This one also took me a few to figure out. The crafty critter's inside a blue vase in the market area. Why? Who knows.
  • Reward: Halo

Owl #20:

  • Location: Autelina Palace 1F. Search the kitchen for a presumably hungry owl.
  • Reward: Crown

Owl #21:

  • Location: Talka Pond Road. If you're arriving in the area from the exit to Viscint, head left as soon as you can and travel all the way to the western edge.
  • Reward: Devil Tail

Mahag Saar (Green Owls)


Owl #22:

  • Location: Niez. Some owls just love sitting inside circular objects. This one's in a bucket near the fountain with the statue in questionable condition.
  • Reward: Red Rose Corsage

Owl #23:

  • Location: Aqfortle Hills. Coming from Niez, look for a ruined house quite early in the map. Tough to miss.
  • Reward: Retro Sunglasses

Owl #24:

  • Location: Adan Lake. Heading in front Aqfotle Hills, you'll espy a lake (presumably the Adan Lake) around the center of the map. There's a massive gate made of stone here. The owl will no doubt drive you mad if you listen to its hoots without climbing as high up as you can and leaping down on the opposite side.
  • Reward: Angry Glasses

Owl #25:

  • Location: Adan Ruins. Again, if you're coming from Aqfotle Hills, follow the path to the south a tad and then venture left.
  • Reward: Angel Wings

Owl #26:

  • Location: Mobile Fortress Gradia. Ship Interior Level 2. This is possibly the single missable owl in the game. You can never return to this ship! The silver lining is that the story will take you to Ship Interior Level 2 quite naturally, and the area itself is fairly straightforward. The owl's inside one of the cabins near the top-left of the map. Don't forget!
    • There are reports that this owl (along with anything else in the ship) will appear in the island later in the game, so even if you miss it, you may be okay.
  • Reward: Butterfly Wings

Ganath Haros (Purple Owls)


Owl #27:

  • Location: Tuah Seashore. There's only one exit on this brief map and the owl's very, very close to it. Fiddle the camera around a bit and you'll surely be able to trigger the interaction.
  • Reward: Right Eyepatch

Owl #28:

  • Location: Thistlym. Nice little village, right? There's a nice little owl for your perusal beneath a torch by the exit to Shinefall Woods.

Owl #29:

  • Location: Shinefall Woods. Continuing the trend of owls on sizable arches, this one can be found by climbing a hill and then approaching the slim arch. On the map, this is near the middle of the path almost as far north as possible.
  • Reward: Right Bandage

Owl #30:

  • Location: Lavtu Marshlands. Find the climbing icon at the southmost point of the map, roughly southwest. You'll soon find the owl, too.
  • Reward: Swirly Glasses

Owl #31:

  • Location: Pelegion L2. It's hanging out right by the elevator that leads to Pelegion L3.
  • Reward: Sad Glasses (makes sense, all things considered)
  • Note: This owl can only be obtained after defeating the fifth lord at the end of Del Fharis Castle.

Owl #32:

  • Location: Del Fharis Castle. Central Entrance Plaza. This brave bird is on the left side, not terribly far from the green healing spot.
  • Reward: Hootle Doll

The Final Owls

As a reminder, none of these six owls can be found until you've unlocked the final dungeon. You can either head back out to find them or return to your save in the post-game to finish up Sub-Quests, including this one. You must also have found the first 32 owls and initiated the Owl Forest cutscenes up to that point.


Owl #33:

  • Location: In Calaglia's Glanymede Castle (Lord's Chamber). Sitting on the throne. What a stud.
  • Reward: Battle Maiden's Shield

Owl #34:

  • Location: Also in Calaglia, this time in the Iglia Wastes at practically the dead-center of the map. There's a map action here. Dohalim will grow some vines and you'll be one owl richer.
  • Reward: Vivid Sphere

Owl #35:

  • Location: In Cyslodia's Riville Tower (Hidden Chamber). You may have already unlocked this by completing both of Bregon's quests after the main events in Cyslodia. If not, do what he needs you to do, including fighting a powerful zeugle. The owl will appear in the Hidden Chamber area courtesy of the key. Access it through the office.
  • Reward: Broken Machine Gun

Owl #36:

  • Location: In Menancia's Autelina Palace 2F. Check the Guard Room again. Voila.
  • Reward: Ancient Excavator

Owl #37:

  • Location: Ganath Haros, Del Fharis Castle (Lord's Chamber). Looks like there's one more owl with lordly ambitions.
  • Reward: Trident

Owl #38:

  • Location: Uninhabited Island. You won't be able to reach the island until you've completed Sub-Quest "Beyond the Grave." And the Sub-Quest? It won't be available until after your arrival on Rena. A cutscene at Tuah Seashore will put a bottle in your inventory. Take that bottle (and importantly, the map inside of it) to Mahavar in Mahag Saar's Hidden Wharf. He'll take you to Uninhabited Island, where you'll need to kill the area's boss before the owl spawns.