These 15 Things Should Show Up in Super Robot Wars Soon, Please

Imagine my shock when the Sakura Wars series was announced for the 1st DLC pack in Super Robot Wars 30. All the circumstances surrounding the game is already a miracle in itself. A mainline Super Robot Wars entry with many licensed IP receiving a global worldwide simultaneous release to celebrate the series’s 30th anniversary? Absurd. Insane. Now include one of my favorite RPG series into the mix out of nowhere? Bandai Namco and Banpresto, you’re spoiling me.


So here we are with only a few days left till the big release day. As of the time of this writing, we have no clue what surprises are in store for SRW 30’s next DLC pack. With Sakura Wars now coming to a home console entry of SRW, that is one wish fulfilled - but let’s dream bigger. If that series is fair game, then the sky's the limit.

I’ve put together my SRW wishlist of video games and anime series I’d love to see represented either as SRW 30 DLC or in future SRW console games. Surely this is not a one-and-done phenomenon, right Bandai Namco? You can’t just stop after SRW 30; you will continue to release future SRW games globally simultaneously forever… right?

Before I run wild, let’s establish a few parameters here. This list, as you can imagine, will primarily be focusing on games and anime that prominently feature a giant robot in them. Wild picks, like Devilman in SRW DD or Cowboy Bebop in SRW T, will be omitted; sorry, Outlaw Star. Warship-focused series will be omitted, though I must admit I was tempted to include stuff like Arpeggio of Blue Steel and Legend of the Galactic Heroes at first.

Lastly, I’ll work under the general rule of console SRW games that a series must be roughly two years old to be included, so nothing too immediately recent will be represented on this list. 2021 has been a damn good year for mecha anime series though, with strong showings so far from Sakugan, AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline, 86, Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, SSSS.Dynazenon, and Rumble Garanndoll. I hope they all make it in at some point, though for now let’s say all of 2019 is fair game.

Now without further delay, here are 15 IPs I would love to see in Super Robot Wars either again or for the first time.

15) Argevollen


Debuted & Last Seen in: N/A

This little show back in 2014 flew under the radar, but it’s become a bit of a personal darling to me. Argevollen revolves around a platoon serving the country of Arandas in its ongoing war against Ingelmia. The main character, Tokimune Susumu, activates the titular Argevollen mecha amidst an enemy attack within its first episode and it rules. There’s nothing about the show that’s notable or outstanding overall, but it nails a lot of little details right. From the importance of maintaining supply lines in remote battlefields to how infantry ensures the security of communication chains, Argevollen emphasizes that the efforts of everyone as a whole, rather than a lone super-experimental giant robot, is what it takes to conquer the battlefield. It delivers a satisfying flow that would translate well for SRW, carrying a fun cast that would get along well with characters from other series and slick action sequences that would be neat to see rebuilt for SRW.

14) Captain Earth


Debuted & Last Seen in: Super Robot Wars X-Ω

Another mecha show from 2014 and admittedly, Captain Earth is still a sore spot for me. It is a steaming pile of wasted potential, but hot damn did it boast a lot of creativity behind the gimmick for its main robot, the Earth Engine. Basically, it came in two different forms - the Ordinary and Impacter. Ordinary is its base form on Earth that’s roughly the size of a Gundam and is fairly mobile for its compact size. In order to fight in space, the Earth Engine has to pass through multiple station gates mid-ascent to be outfitted in its expanded Impacter form that hugely bolsters its firepower and size. Captain Earth also hosts a lot of great mecha designs for both its supporting cast and villains, though the show itself couldn’t stick the landing unfortunately. Regardless, I’d be thrilled to see it in a console entry of SRW if it ever makes it in.

13) Armored Core Series


Debuted & Last Seen in: N/A

If From Software doesn’t want to give me a sparkling brand-new entry, I will gladly settle for the next best thing. Armored Core would be one of the more challenging series to introduce in SRW. The pilots don’t have character designs themselves; they merely only have a custom logo and callsign to represent them. If this series were to ever make it in, I’d imagine it would lean more towards Armored Core 4 and beyond with Joshua O’Brien leading the way with his White Glint. I’d be all up for seeing someone like Ares with their Providence mecha, though. The world setting for Armored Core is a natural fit as a foundation for a SRW game too, as most of the games largely revolve around political borders and nations employing mercenaries to secure their spot in the global economy.

There is some precedent as Banpresto and From Software have collaborated in the past with Armored Core. Nine-Ball Seraph from Armored Core: Master of Arena and Armored Core 2: Another Age was playable in a 2010 title they developed together - Another Century’s Episode: R.

12) Kuromukuro


Debuted & Last Seen in: N/A

Thanks to how certain international Netflix regions waited to distribute shows when entire cours of Japanese broadcasts finished, Kuromukuro never managed to drum up much attention or discussion sadly. This show has a slow build-up in its first half as it establishes its world setting and characters, but massively pays off once the second half kicks off. It revolves around Kennosuke, a samurai from the Sengoku era that is somehow revived into the 21st century, and his relationship with Yukina, the daughter of the UN Kurobe Lab’s director. A mysterious alien threat emerges from space and they’re tasked with fending them off with the titular Kuromukuro mecha that supports two pilots to operate. Several supporting characters, like Sophie, can fill out Kuromukuro’s roster in SRW with their Gaus mecha and its villains, the Efi Dorg, all have their own unique geoframes to face off against. 

11) Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans


Debuted & Last Seen in: Super Robot Wars DD

This one seems inevitable - more a question of “when” and not “if”, really. Iron-Blooded Orphans recently made its first appearance in the SRW franchise through the SRW DD mobile game. Progressing through IBO’s storyline in a SRW is a compelling proposition, since Mikazuki Augus’s Gundam Barbatos goes through many upgrades and numerous forms. Of course, no IBO roster is complete without the Gusion Rebake, Flauros, Bael, and Kimaris. The chances of seeing them pop up is unlikely if this series was merely only a DLC for SRW 30, though. Still, I’m fairly confident IBO is the most likely to show up in SRW soon out of any of the series on this wishlist.

10) The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Series


Debuted & Last Seen in: N/A

I could see Falcom’s most popular Trails arc appear in SRW one day. The series is no stranger to collaborations; it’s appeared in Phantasy Star Online 2, Langrisser Mobile, Utawarerumono Zan, and even Monster Hunter Frontier G. Rean Schwarzer and his trusty Valimar would have a ton of material to work with and I’m sure they wouldn’t be the sole reps, but I don’t want to give away who else could potentially enter the fray. There are a handful of antagonists to choose from as well, and I’m sure we’d see a lot of Soldats scurrying about too. Trails of Cold Steel would also benefit from the Supporter system, first introduced in more recent SRW entries, as a way for Class VII and other side characters to participate.

Yes, there would totally be a voiced scene where Rean says “Heed my call… Valimar, the Ashen Knight!”

9) Granbelm


Debuted & Last Seen in: N/A

This one caught me by surprise when it aired in 2019. Granbelm revolves around a battle royale between seven mages trying to win the title of being the one true mage, Princeps. They hold these intense fights in an isolated space during full moons. It’s shockingly dark at times as it fleshes out the backgrounds of its participants, which makes the stakes behind each round feel meaningful. Plus, not a lot of original mecha shows these days feature chibi-esque, super-deformed robots that bear a heavy emphasis on magic spells and wizardry. The show is primed to smoothly integrate in the SRW formula and I get excited imagining how some of Granbelm’s fiercest fights and showdowns would be represented in it. Yoko Hikasa’s performance as Anna Fugo yelling and screaming ERNESTAAAA still sends me chills.

8) Muv-Luv Series


Debuted & Last Seen in: Super Robot Wars X-Ω (Muv-Luv Alternative only)

I know the Muv-Luv Alternative TV anime adaptation is airing this season. Obviously this is a technicality because the original visual novel was released all the way back in 2006. I think it would be difficult to include Muv-Luv as a central pillar narratively, due to how it’s structured and told. Instead, it’d be cool to see the overall Muv-Luv series included in a similar manner to how Sakura Wars is being integrated into SRW 30; have the main heroes and heroines of Muv-Luv Alternative, Total Eclipse, and Schwarzesmarken featured with their signature Tactical Surface Fighters.

7) Knights of Sidonia


Debuted & Last Seen in: N/A

When it comes to potential IPs that would excite me if they came to SRW, Knights of Sidonia ranks high among them. There is a certain level of care in its attention to detail for its bizarre sci-fi world that makes me intensely curious what series would accommodate it if it ever served as the narrative focus or foundation for its SRW debut title. Sidonia’s society operates differently, since the people in it all live in a gigantic colony inside a spaceship away from the Solar System and it’s the sole remaining haven for humankind in its universe. People can photosynthesize, are often cloned, and some possess the ability to be a male or female after choosing a mate; there’s also a “human” that’s totally just an adorable talking bear. Mecha reps for Knights of Sidonia in SRW are the highly mobile Gardes units that engage in intense battles against the alien Gauna threat frequently. The main character, Nagate Tanikaze, has a lot of combat options at his disposal in the Tsugumori from its high vibration blade, gatling gun, guided missiles, or the devastating Hyggs Particle Cannon. He also receives a wealth of upgrades throughout the series that expands his arsenal greatly.

6) Patlabor: The Mobile Police


Debuted in: Super Robot Wars Operation Extend
Last Seen in: Super Robot Wars X-Ω

Patlabor is one of the classics in the genre of giant robots. It’s borderline criminal that the series has only been confined to only a handheld and mobile entry among the dozens and dozens of SRW games that’ve come out. I’m not particularly picky which continuity makes it in; the TV and film timelines have their fair share of pros and cons, but I still quite like both a lot. Seeing how Brave Police J-Decker finally made it into SRW 30 reignited my desire to see Patlabor surface once more. Hopefully this time it’ll be in a brand-new console entry.

5) 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim


Debuted & Last Seen in: N/A

Even though it got a worldwide release in 2020, it was initially released in November 2019 for Japan, so here I am bending my back for Vanillaware once again. This one would genuinely be one of the biggest surprises if it ever made it into a SRW game. I have no idea how the developers at B.B. Studio would make it work and I would love to see them try. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim gives a solid blueprint of what to expect when it comes to well, who’d be involved and which weapons each type of Sentinel could have. No longer will players be tantalized with small video clips previewing what the attacks look like; it would be gloriously displayed in full resolution with some crazy animations for a good chunk of them. We’d all finally see Yuki’s Sentinel No. 21 get the brutal Leg Spike dynamic kill it deserves. Also if the series somehow serves as the foundation for the main narrative of its theoretical SRW entry, I’d be very interested to see what other series join the fray to accompany it. The potential of how that would all come together would be ludicrous.

4) Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner


Debuted & Last Seen in: N/A

With Konami still looking to get back into video games in a big way and no signs of a brand-new Zone of the Enders any time soon, it’d be a nice goodwill move to let the series show up in SRW. The 2018 remaster was a nice surprise to celebrate the 2nd Runner’s 15th anniversary, yet it’s still a bummer that the series seemingly has no future ahead of it. Likely reps for the 2nd Runner in SRW are Dingo’s Jehuty, Ken’s Ardjet, Leo’s Vic Viper, Viola A.I.’s Nephtis, and Nohman’s Anubis. I know that the 2167 Idolo and Dolores anime shows could be likely picks to represent the Zone of the Enders series, but the 2nd Runner is easily more recognizable and iconic to global audiences.

3) Eureka Seven


Debuted in: Super Robot Wars Z
Last Seen in: Super Robot Wars X-Ω

Eureka Seven is the only series on this wishlist that has previously appeared in a home console SRW entry before… all the way back in 2008. I’d love to see this series make a return, preferably only the original 2005 TV series. All of its follow-ups, movies, and sequels never quite struck me the way that the original Eureka Seven show did; frankly, I have a small fear that future SRW titles may forgo it for the more recent Hi-Evolution films which are divisive at best - to put it lightly. I’d be interested to see how modern takes of Nirvash’s battle choreography would play out. Eureka Seven still stands the test of time when it comes to the way it handles its mecha action sequences as its robots, referred to as Light Finding Operations, essentially “surf” mid-air to ride on currents and traverse around.

2) Star Driver


Debuted & Last Seen in: Super Robot Wars X-Ω

It seems odd that this fabulous show from 2010 hasn’t made it into a console SRW entry yet. Star Driver is a ton of fun and Mamoru Miyano’s performance as Takuto Tsunashi is simply magical. The mechs in Star Driver, referred to as Cybodies, feature unconventional proportions relative to many other shows. They often exhibit very thin stomach areas while every other section curves or bulges out. Star Driver would work well alongside Granbelm if they were featured in the same SRW game, since the mechs in both shows only manifest in a special, isolated space from reality.

1) Xenoblade Chronicles X


Debuted & Last Seen in: N/A

As we’re all twiddling our thumbs for a re-release of the best Xenoblade game, maybe the stars will align for this dream collaboration to come true. Xenoblade Chronicles X would be amazing to see in SRW; the Skells are a perfect fit for them. Elma, Lin, Lao, and maybe a few of the non-human party members would make for decent reps as well. The game already has a healthy amount of different Skell models to choose from and a wide array of weapons to equip them with. Of course they would be able to transform into their vehicle modes for greater movement and grant access to different moves to them too. Now I’m thinking about all the possible SRW arrangements to Xenoblade Chronicles X’s soundtrack… oooh, I’m getting giddy pondering over it already. I don’t know how many miracles have to happen behind-the-scenes to make this a reality, but it should.

If you ever see a new SRW announcement trailer in the future say Xenoblade Chronicles X on it, remember this feature. 

And know that somewhere out in the world… I am losing my mind.