Shin Megami Tensei V - Every DLC and what's included

Shin Megami Tensei V is out now, but if you’re looking to scoop up everything available for the experience, Atlus’ next installment to the SMT series does include additional DLC. All of the DLC listed here is out on launch, November 12, and picking up the Digital Deluxe Edition will provide you access to the whole package. 

If you only have the base game, you’ll need to piece the rest of your experience together through individual purchases. One SMTV update is free, while the rest will cost you. Additional add-ons include things like additional subquests, demons, and Mitama bonuses. 

Every add-on for SMTV and what it unlocks

Free Day One DLC

Before beginning your journey as the Nahobino, you can download a free update that gives you access to Safety mode. It’ll be the easiest version of SMTV available, there for players who want to enjoy the spectacle and story of the adventure pressure-free. The free DLC also includes Japanese voice-over options for players in the west.

The Rage of a Queen

This add-on provides you with a new subquest, The Rage of a Queen, and the chance to recruit Femme Cleopatra. It’s described as an end-game quest, made available by speaking to the Bethel researcher in the Tokyo Diet Building. 

The Doctor’s Last Wish

The Doctor’s Last Wish subquest unlocks through this DLC, bringing the demon Tyrant Mephisto. You can challenge and recruit him, too. It’s another end-game challenge you can unlock via the Bethel researcher in the Tokyo Diet Building. 

A Goddess in Training

This is another subquest-focused DLC, giving you access to A Goddess in Training. You’ll fight and recruit Megami Artemis, and can also unlock this one by speaking to the Bethel researcher in the Tokyo Diet Building. It’s a little less challenging than the previous encounters, so you should be able to tackle the encounter in the middle of SMTV. 

Return of the True Demon

Nocturne’s Demi-Fiend has paid a visit to a few other SMT games in the past, and SMTV is no different. You can’t recruit him, but you can challenge him as much as you like—a challenge you should wait to tackle until the post-game.

That’s perhaps the biggest surprise of the ordeal, but you can fight and recruit the other nine legendary fiends in this DLC, too. Those enemies include Matador, Daisoujou, Hell Biker, White Rider, Red Rider, Black Rider, Pale Rider, Mother Harlot, and Trumpeter. This entire questline can be obtained in the World of Shadows, and challenging the nine other foes can be done progressively as you proceeded through the game. Demi-fiend is at the end of the quest, and is the hardest battle in the game.

Mitama Dance of EXP

The Mitama add-ons don’t guarantee anything or come with new quests or demons, but they do increase the spawn rate of various Mitama enemies. The Dance of EXP DLC increases Kushi Mitama and Ara Mitami demon spawn rates, which give the protagonist and demon allies more EXP respectively. Even with the DLC, the rates remain low, and Mitama do spawn in-game without buying this. If you want to turn the bonus off, there’s an option in-game to do so.

We also have a Mitama guide, which details where you can find Mitama for grimoires, gospels, and glory. 

Mitama Dance of Wealth

This Mitama DLC increases the spawn of Saki Mitama, giving you additional Macca. 

Mitama Dance of Miracles

This Mitama DLC increases the spawn of Nigi Mitama, giving you additional Glory.