Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: Where to unlock Studium Deliveries

In Final Fantasy XIV’s last expansion, Shadowbringers, the MMO introduced us to Crystarium Deliveries—a beefier, lengthier set of custom deliveries for crafting and gathering that rewards you with EXP and Scrips. That same system is back for Endwalker in the form of Studium Deliveries, and if you’re ready to begin, this guide will explain how you unlock and where you can find the Studium Deliveries in Old Sharlayan.

Before you can actually embark on gathering, crafting, and turning in your collectable items to the Studium in Endwalker, you’ll need to make sure you can craft and turn in collectables. That’s unlocked through a Heavensward quest, Inscrutable Tastes, in Foundation (X:10.0, Y:10.4). You also can’t begin until you’ve progressed through Endwalker’s MSQ and reached the level 82 quest, Sound the Bell, School’s In

 Where does the Studium quest begin in Endwalker?

Take the Old Sharlayan teleport to the central Aetheryte Plaza. Your next closest warp is easily identifiable as The Studium, where you’ll need a level 80 crafting or gathering job to begin the new story.

Once you’re inside the big building, every quest you’ll need to begin is to your immediate left in a room called Searchers’ Meet. The main quest to trigger them all is called The Faculty. Speak to Qih Aliapoh (X4.1, Y:9.4) to begin. The quest is short, and just requires a bit of talking to NPCs to progress.


What crafters and gatherers share quests in FFXIV’s Studium?

Once you’ve completed The Faculty, you unlock five separate questlines for leveling your crafters and gatherers and earning scrips. They’re shared among classes, so you’ll need to choose which role you’d like to allocate that experience to wisely when turning in items. 

Below, you’ll find quests shared between Botanist and Miner, and a separate chain just for Fisher. Crafting quests are split into three groups, with Weaver, Leatherworker, and Carpenter all sharing a role; and another split between Goldsmith, Armorer, and Blacksmith. Culinarian and Alchemist also share their story.

Completing each of these unlocks their respective chain, and completing the entire chain reveals another quest, The Meeting of Minds, in the Studium. You can complete it for a minion, Golden Dhyata.  

 Studium Crafting Quest Locations

  • Faculty of Archaeology
    • Goldsmith, Armorer, and Blacksmith
      • Quest: Professor Rurusha’s New Friend
      • NPC: Boric
      • Location: (X:4.2, Y:9.4)
  • Faculty of Astronomy
    • Weaver, Leatherworker, and Carpenter
      • Quest: In Search of the Azure Star
      • NPC: Jude
      • Location: (X:4.1, Y:9.1)
  • Faculty of Medicine
    • Culinarian and Alchemist
      • Quest: Perfectly Awful
      • NPC: Debryoye
      • Location: (X:4.2, Y: 9.2)

 Studium Gathering Quest Locations

  • Faculty of Anthropology
    • Botanist and Miner
      • Quest: Cultured Pursuits
      • NPC: Hinageshi
      • Location: (X:4.1, Y:9.2)
  • Faculty of Aetherology
    • Fisher
      • Quest: Fear the Thesis
      • NPC: T’laqa Tia
      • Location: (X:4.2, Y:9.5)

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