Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to increase Inventory space & carry more items with a Satchel Upgrade

In Pokemon Legends Arceus Inventory Space is at something of a premium. Gone are the endless backpacks of previous games - this new Pokemon is more of a proper RPG - and one complicating element added as part of that is proper inventory management and a limited amount of space for items.

When you start out in Legends Arceus, you’ll have around twenty item slots in your satchel, enough to carry twenty different types of item. Thankfully, items stack within your inventory - so while you can only carry twenty different kinds of item, you’re able to carry many of each - so one of those slots could be Pokeballs, for instance, and you could be carrying hundreds of them on that one slot.

However, Pokemon Legends Arceus is jam-packed with different items you’ll need during your adventure - balls, lures, healing items, revival items, items related to Pokemon Evolution, stuff recieved via Mystery Gift, and a slew of materials for using crafting recipes that you’ll need to use to create the both. You’ll be filling up your inventory right away - but luckily, there is a way to upgrade your inventory and increase the size of your Satchel, which in turn lets you carry more items. Which, honestly, is as vital to success as knowing your Pokemon type strengths and weaknesses. We’ll explain how it all works on this page.


How to upgrade Inventory and get more Satchel Space

Inventory capacity upgrades are actually fairly easy to get in Pokemon Legends Arceus, though it is an expensive endeavor over time. It’s useful, however, and you can ultimately more than double the size of your inventory if you put enough cash towards the upgrades.

To upgrade your satchel, you first need to progress through the story of Pokemon Legends Arceus up to a certain point. That point is when you first meet the characters of Adaman and Irida and learn about the ongoing situation with the Noble Pokemon - something you’ll be dealing with throughout the game. These are early developments. 

At this time, you’ll go to leave the Galaxy HQ in Jubilife Village and be stopped by Galaxy Expedition member Bagin. Bagin is an expert at, er, bag-packing, and can teach you the art of folding and packing your Satchel more efficiently in order to create more inventory space. However, he’ll charge for the pleasure.


To upgrade your inventory size, simply speak to Bagin at any time; he’s always in the Lobby area of the Galaxy HQ, right near the main entrance. Each time you do an upgrade, you’ll get one more inventory slot, meaning you can carry another type of item at once. Anything you don’t need you can of course drop into the storage box at camps, too.

The cost rises over time. Your first satchel size upgrade will only cost you 100 Pokebucks, but it rises with each subsequent upgrade and gets very expensive. A great way to earn money is by completing research tasks, and also by completing some of Pokemon Legends Arceus's side quests and selling unwanted item rewards from them.

There's 37 total additional slots, bringing the maximum to 60 - though getting there will take some doing, as it's very expensive. Here's how much each subsequent Satchel upgrade costs:

  1. $100
  2. $200
  3. $300
  4. $400
  5. $500
  6. $1000 
  7. $1500
  8. $2000
  9. $2500
  10. $3000
  11. $4000
  12. $5000
  13. $6000
  14. $7000
  15. $8000
  16. $9000
  17. $10,000
  18. $12,000
  19. $14,000
  20. $16,000
  21. $18,000
  22. $20,000
  23. $23,000
  24. $26,000
  25. $30,000
  26. $40,000
  27. $50,000
  28. $60,000
  29. $80,000
  30. $100,000
  31. $150,000
  32. $200,000
  33. $400,000
  34. $500,000
  35. $600,000
  36. $800,000
  37. $1,000,000