Pokemon Legends Arceus Crafting: Recipes, Ingredients & how to unlock all craft items

Crafting Recipes play a major role in Pokemon Legends Arceus, as in this ancient version of the Pokemon world there’s no such thing as a PokeMart. While stores do exist, they’re expensive, and the best way to progress through the game and get the materials you need is to make them yourself.

One of the more RPG-like mechanics added to Legends Arceus is a fully-fledged crafting system. Early on in the game you’ll be given a Crafting Kit, which you can access at any point via your satchel. You can then craft any items you know the recipe to, and have the ingredients for - and carrying ingredients is a big part of why you’ll want to upgrade your inventory space as early as you can.  

Crafting items vary, and include things like Poke Balls, lures, healing items, and even sly ways to make money. You naturally have to gather the ingredients out in the wild or buy them from stores, but some quests have crafting ingredients as rewards and crafting ingredients might occasionally be available free via Mystery Gift codes.On this page, we list all crafting recipes in Pokemon Legends Arceus, plus the required crafting ingredients and how to unlock each recipe.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Crafting guide: how to craft items


Crafting is new for Pokemon Legends Arceus, but if you've played many other action-adventure RPGs with crafting features, you'll likely be quite familiar with how it works. It's a tried-and-true formula for crafting in gaming - you gather items out in the world, and then open up a menu and craft to combine those items to create more powerful and useful items. It's as simple as that, really. 

There's two ways you can craft:

  1. By using crafting tables, as pictured above. These are available at every single one of the base camps you find out in the various open world biomes of Legends Arceus, plus in some other locations you'll visit along the way. There's also one of these in front of the Crafting Store in Jubilife Village, in case you want to craft right after buying materials.
  2. You can craft at any time by simply opening up your portable crafting kit from your inventory. Just press up on the D-Pad, then while on your inventory press R to tab over to 'Key Items'. Because it's a key item, the crafting kit does not take up any of your valuable limited inventory space, and cannot be lost or stored. Select the Crafting Kit, choose to craft, and you'll get the same menu as when you're at a table.

Crafting resources can be gathered in the wilk in a few ways. You can defeat wild Pokemon, who sometimes drop resources. Naturally-occuring resources can be picked up, though some will require a Pokemon to break them open or knock them out of trees. Finally, the Crafting Store in Jubilife Village has plenty of stock of the key crafting materials - which does involve spending money, but still works out significantly cheaper than buying already-made items such as Pokeballs, even when you're buying the ingredients. 

With all that noted, let's get into the Crafting Recipes themselves:

Pokeball Crafting Recipes

Crafting Poke Balls in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

The staple of your trainer backpack, you’ll need lots of Pokeballs in Legends: Arceus - more than the average Pokemon game, in fact. As always, there’s a gradual progression of Pokeball unlocks that over time improves how easily you can catch stronger creatures. Some of the balls are familiar, while others are new for this adventure.

Poke Ball

  • Old faithful, the basic Poke Ball that you’ll use for much of your wild Pokemon catching.
  • Ingredients: 1x Apricorn, 1x Tumblestone
  • Unlock: Automatically unlocked by the story.

Great Ball

  • The classic second version of the Poke Ball, it provides a higher base chance of success at catching all Pokemon.
  • Ingredients: 1x Apricorn, 1x Iron Chunk, 1x Tumblestone
  • Unlock: Reward for reaching 3-Star Ranking

Ultra Ball

  • The ultimate of the Poke Balls in this ancient time, it increases the catch rate further still over the Great Ball.
  • Ingredients: 1x Apricorn, 2x Iron Chunk, 2x Tumblestone
  • Unlock: Automatic reward for reaching 6-Star Rank

Heavy Ball

  • A heavier version of the Poke Ball. It’s too heavy to throw a distance, but if you can catch a Pokemon with it close up and by surprise, it has a higher success rate than a regular ball.
  • Ingredients: 1x Apricorn, 1x Black Tumblestone
  • Unlock: Your reward for reaching the 1-Star Rank

Leaden Ball

  • This is to the Heavy Ball as the Great Ball is to the Pokeball; a little bit better at the same thing. Catch close-up Pokemon by surprise for easy catches.
  • Ingredients: 1x Apricorn, 1x Black Tumblestone, 1x Iron Chunk
  • Unlock: Given to you automatically upon hitting 4-Star Ranking

Gigaton Ball

  • The most powerful variant of the Heavy Ball. it doesn’t go very far when thrown, but is very effective if you catch a Pokemon unaware.
  • Ingredients: 1x Apricorn, 2x Black Tumblestone, 2x Iron Chunk
  • Unlock: Automatically upon attaining 7-Star Ranking

Feather Ball

  • A Poke Ball designed for catching fast Pokemon, or Pokemon that float or fly. It flies fast and far, ideal for catching ones high up.
  • Ingredients: 1x Apricorn, 1x Sky Tumblestone
  • Unlock: Automatically when you reach 2-Star Ranking

Wing Ball

  • The Great Ball of the flying-focused balls, this is better than the Feather Ball and has the same abilities as it.
  • Ingredients: 1x Apricorn, 1x Sky Tumblestone, 1x Iron Chunk
  • Unlock: Given to you after reaching 5-Star Ranking.

Jet Ball

  • Consider this the ‘Ultra Ball’ of the feather ball series, giving you Ultra catching power with flying or fast Pokemon. It’s the best in its class.
  • Ingredients: 1x Apricorn, 2x Sky Tumblestone, 2x Iron Chunk
  • Unlock: Rewarded when you reach 8-Star Rank

Pokemon Lure & Distraction Crafting Recipes

A crafting recipe in Pokemon Legends Arceus used to help with catching Pokemon.

These crafting items are handy if you’re trying to catch items out in the wild without battling; these powerful lures can distract Pokemon and make them easier to catch. Some of these lures work better on certain Pokemon Types than others, thus why there's so many.

Bean Cake

  • Enjoyed by Fish and Bird Pokemon - if they’re in the water or the air, they love this lure.
  • Ingredients: 1x Plump Beans, 1x Cake-Lure Base
  • Unlock: Purchase from the Crafting Store for $1000

Grain Cake

  • A perfect lure for Pokemon that enjoy roaming open fields.
  • Ingredients: 1x Hearty Grains, 1x Cake-Lure Base
  • Unlock: Purchase from the Crafting Store for $1000

Honey Cake

  • This cake is enjoyed by Bug and Fairy-type Pokemon, and will distract them for catching.
  • Ingredients: 1x Dazzling Honey, 1x Cake-Lure Base
  • Unlock: Sold at the Crafting Store for $1000

Jubilife Muffin

  • A cake that is beloved by pretty much all Pokemon. It’s a great lure, but it can also be fed in battle to cure status effects. A revelation!
  • Ingredients: 2x Hearty Grains, 1x Cake-Lure Base
  • Unlock: Reward for completing Request 48: The Taste of Home

Mushroom Cake

  • A cake recipe that’s particularly beloved by monster-like Pokemon, including dragon-type Pokemon.
  • Ingredients: 1x Springy Mushroom, 1x Cake-Lure Base
  • Unlock: Complete Quest 6: Mushroom Cake Marketing and get this as a reward.

Salt Cake

  • This type of Pokemon cake lure is best used on grass or rock-type Pokemon - the ones who have a resemblance to the natural world.
  • Ingredients: 1x Crunchy Salt, 1x Cake-Lure Base
  • Unlock: Sold in the Crafting Shop for $1000

Scatter Bang

  • A humane item that makes a loud noise to scare off weaker Pokemon, clearing the field for you to tackle their harder siblings.
  • Ingredients: 1x Pop Pod, 1x Caster Fern
  • Unlock: Rewarded during the story, after the event with Lilligant.

Smoke Bomb

  • Make like a Ninja; throw this Smoke Bomb at the ground and you’ll create cover within which yu can move around more easily without being spotted by Pokemon.
  • Ingredients: 1x Caster Fern, 1x Sootfoot Root
  • Unlock: Unlocked via story progression.

Stealth Spray

  • If the Smoke Bomb isn’t good enough, spray yourself down with this and your footsteps will be dampened, making it harder for Wild Pokemon to notice you.
  • Ingredients: 1x Hopo Berry, 1x Bugwort
  • Unlock: Unlocked via story events

Sticky Glob

  • This is about as simple as it gets. It’s not a lure - but throw it at a Pokemon to briefly stun them, which can then let you get in there.
  • Ingredients: 1x Caster Fern
  • Unlock: Purchase from the Crafting Store for $20,000

Battle Item Crafting Recipes

Tough guys at the Crafting Shop in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

These items all relate to battle. Some are temporary buffs, some are healing items. Some can only be used in battle, some inside or outside. Basically, anything that can be crafted in Legends Arceus that is related to Pokemon stats or damage, we've grouped together here.

Aux Evasion

  • This item raises a Pokemon’s evasion in battle.
  • Ingredients: 2x Doppel Bonnets, 1x Candy Truffle
  • Unlock: Purchase from the Crafting Store for $8000

Aux Guard

  • A buff item that temporarily increases the defensive capabilities of a Pokemon mid-battle.
  • Ingredients: 2x Iron Barktongue
  • Unlock: Purchase from the Crafting Store for $1500

Aux Power

  • Buffs a Pokemon’s offensive stats temporarily in battle.
  • Ingredients: 2x Swordcap
  • Unlock: Purchase from the Crafting Store for $1500

Aux Powerguard

  • Raises both the offensive and defensive stats of one of your Pokemon for the duration of a battle. 
  • Ingredients: 1x King’s Leaf
  • Unlock: Purchase from the Crafting Store for $16,000

Choice Dumpling

  • This dumpling can be used on a Pokemon to make them become fixated on a specific move, meaning they’ll do it over and over again, dealing out increasing damage each time they mindlessly, repeatedly use it.
  • Ingredients: 3x Caster Fern, 1x Swordcap, 2x Hearty Grains
  • Unlock: Purchase from the Crafting Store for $4000

Dire Hit

  • This raises the critical hit ratio of a Pokemon, making it far more likely that they land utterly devastating hits.
  • Ingredients: 2x Direshroom, 1x Candy Truffle

Swap Snack

  • A rather unique battle item with interesting utility, giving this to a Pokemon during battle makes its offensive and defensive stats swap around. 
  • Ingredients: 1x Candy Truffle, 1x Sootfoot Rooy, 1x Springy Mushroom, 1x Hopo Berry
  • Unlock: Your reward for completing Request 54: ‘Serving up Swap Snacks’

Twice-Spiced Radish

  • Spicy food to get your Pokemon in the mood for a fight. Give it to a Pokemon to raise the power of its offensive moves significantly.
  • Ingredients: 2x Cruncy Salt, 2x Plump beans, 2x King’s Leaf
  • Unlock: Given to you upon completing Quest 80: ‘The Perfect Pickle Recipe’.

Recovery Item Crafting Recipes

The crafting Recipe for Old Gateaux, a healing item craftable in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

These items are all about recovering and restoring health to your Pokemon. Crafting them will save you money when compared to buying restoratives manually, and ensure you can always keep your Pokemon team healthy in the wild.

Fine Remedy

  • Heals 100 HP to a Pokemon, which is actually the same as a Super Potion - but it tastes bitter, so it doesn’t help Pokemon friendship.
  • Ingredients: 1x Remedy, 1x Pep-Up Plant
  • Unlock: Purchase from the Crafting Store for $3000

Full Heal

  • A classic Pokemon item, the Full Heal does as it always has: heals a Pokemon of any negative status effect.
  • Ingredients: 1x Cheri Berry, 1x Pecha Berry, 1x Rawst Berry, 1x Aspear Berry
  • Unlock: Purchase from Crafting Store for $5000

Full Restore

  • The ultimate Pokemon restorative, this heals a Pokemon’s HP to full health regardless of how much they’ve lost or what their maximum HP is, and cures any status effects.
  • Ingredients: 1x Max Potion, 1x Full Heal
  • Unlock: Automatically upon reaching 8-Star Ranking

Hyper Potion

  • The third tier of Pokemon-healing potion items, it restores 150 HP to a single Pokemon.
  • Ingredients: 1x Super Potion, 1x Vivichoke
  • Unlock: Given to you upon reaching 4-Star Ranking

Jubilife Muffin

  • A cake that is beloved by pretty much all Pokemon. It's a restorative that can cure status effects in battle, and also a powerful Pokemon lure outside of battle, 'cos it's just that tasty.
  • Ingredients: 2x Hearty Grains, 1x Cake-Lure Base
  • Unlock: Reward for completing Request 48: The Taste of Home

Max Elixir

  • Although this feels more redundant in Pokemon Legends Arceus than past games thanks to how easy it is to heal at base camps, this medicine restores the PP of all four of a Pokemon’s moves when used on them.
  • Ingredients: 1x Max Ether, 2x King’s Leaf
  • Unlock: Sold for a whopping $25,000 in the Crafting Shop

Max Ether

  • As with the above, this feels more redundant now, but you can get a Max Ether and use it to restore the PP of a single move of a target Pokemon.
  • Ingredients: 1x Leppa Berry, 2x Pep-Up Plants
  • Unlock: Buy from the Crafting Store for $5000

Max Potion

  • The ultimate of the Poke-Potions, the Max Potion will restore a Pokemon’s health to its maximum value in one go.
  • Ingredients: 1x Sitrus Berry, 1x King’s Leaf
  • Unlock: Automatically handed over as a reward for hitting 6-Star Ranking

Max Revive 

  • Does exactly what you’d expect it to do; rather than revive a Pokemon with a portion of its HP, it revives that knocked-out Pokemon with full HP.
  • Ingredients: 1x Revive, 2x King’s Leaf
  • Unlock: Sold for an expensive $25,000 at the Crafting Store

Old Gateaux

  • A cake that isn’t actually primarily used as a lure; it’s a treat for Pokemon, and when fed to them cures status effects.
  • Ingredients: 1x Plump Beans, 1x Dazzling Honey, 1x Sootfoot Rooy, 1x Cake-Lure Base
  • Unlock: In the Crimson Mirelands, find the small pool of water just to the left of where the Brava Arena is - you can see it on the map. There’s a woman, Taeko, hanging out under a tree here. Just speak to her and she gives over this recipe free of charge. 


  • The basic potion, when used it’ll restore a small amount of Pokemon HP. Quickly out-classed, and yet eternally useful.
  • Ingredients: 1x Oran Berry, 1x Medicinal Leek
  • Unlock: Automatically early on in the story.


  • Functions the same as a Potion by restoring a small amount of HP, but has a bitter taste so Pokemon don’t really like it, or you for giving it to them.
  • Ingredients: 2x Bugwort Bloom
  • Unlock: Crafting Store purchase for $1000


  • A Pokemon staple medicine that will revive a KOed Pokemon with a small amount of HP.
  • Ingredients: 1x Vivichoke, 2x Medicinal Leek
  • Unlock: Reach the 1-Star Rank, where this is then a reward

Super Potion

  • The middle potion option, the Super Potion is just, er, a slightly improved potion. Who could’ve guessed that? 
  • Ingredients: 1x Vivichoke, 2x Medicinal Leeks
  • Unlock: Automatically awarded upon hitting 2-Star Ranking

Superb Remedy

  • An upgrade from the Remedy, which again acts like a potion but also reduces Pokemon Friendship. It restores 150HP, however, and is cheap & easy to craft.
  • Ingredients: 1x Fine Remedy, 1x Vivichoke
  • Unlock: Pick it up from the Crafting Shop for $3000 

Miscellaneous Crafting Recipes

Crafting Recipes for sale in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

This stuff just literally didn't fit anywhere else, and they're basically a way to get yourself out of a debt hole if you end up without any money in Pokemon Legends Arceus. 

Pokeshi Doll

  • A simple wooden doll crafted from wood. This is basically a way to make money. You can collect wood for free out in the world, craft it into dolls, and then sell the dolls to the store for a healthy profit.
  • Ingredients: 3x Wood
  • Unlock: Complete Quest 18: ‘Please! Make me a Pokeshi Doll!’ to get the recipe.

Star Piece

  • Think of this as the late-game version of the Pokeshi Doll; you can trade a bunch of other items for a very valuable item that can be sold to stores for big bucks. The key items in it - the shards - are common drops inside Space-Time Distortions.
  • Ingredients: 3x Red Shard, 3x Blue Shard, 3x Green Shard, 1x Stardust
  • Unlock: Sold in the Crafting Store for $10,000